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Traducciones - Carlos Lomellini

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By romero89 - Posted on 04 February 2014

Paco Hernandez

I have traced my family back to Carlos Lomellini. I would like to find out more about him and his wife, Maria Benavides. They are my 9th G Grandparents. Thank you in advance for the research and transcribing you will be doing and sharing on Nuestros Ranchos.

Though my father was born in Tepatitlan in 1907, I and my brother's and sister never learned Spanish. Dad didn't want to bring the "old way's" into his new country and family and forbade it being spoken around his children. Not knowing my father's family's language has been a great handicap in my research.

I have learned enough to "read" the Baptismos and stumble through the Matrimonios posted on the website. With the help of several reading aids and the generous help of members of Nuestros Ranchos, I have accumulated many names and dates to add to my genealogy. However, books and articles and posting in Spanish are beyond my comprehension and I miss so much information.

I am looking forward to your transcriptions which hopefully will be in English as well as Spanish. There are many of us who wish to learn about our family's history who cannot find books and research in English. Some of us are too old to become fluent in another language. I try, and I really want to learn about my family's history.

Again, thank you for your research and transcriptions. They are extremely valuable to your fellow researchers.

Linda Romero

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