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By Visitor - Posted on 13 January 2014

I just been wondering what is know about Carlos Lomellin. I am a decedent of him through his son Lucas. I have research him and from other post that I have seen I know that he worked on the mines? I know that he came from Genoa Italy. Nobody seems to know who his parents were. Is this because Carlos is a dead end or because nobody has research the records in Italy? 

It came to my attention two years ago that the Lomelín who in reality are the Lomelini family were one of the 7 principal houses of Genoa. I remember once, even a good colleague, D. Mariano González Leal reported certain documents that existed, but I am no professional in the italian language. I have found some using google books and other sources. Look up "Lomelini" in the search engine under books, you will find lots of genealogical related items in italian especially in the middle ages. One thing is certain our ancestors Carlo Lomelini and Luigi Lomelini were natives of Genoa and arrived in New Spain. Carlo settled in Nochistlán and I believe if I recall correctly Luigi made his way to Hidalgo. I hope this helps in some way. There truly is so much yet to be discovered about our ancestors and lineages. Documents to be read, analyzed, transcripted, published, preserved, etc.
Daniel Méndez de Torres Camino

Though we can not assume anything yet regarding the origins of Carlo e Luigi Lomellini -we do not even know how they are related-, here is an article about a member of the Lomellini lineage:

Here is what I consider of genealogical interest:

Leonardo Lomellini born ca. 1510, son of Girolamo di Tobia and Brigida di Pier Francesco Lomellini. His wife was Bianca Grimaldi Oliva di Gerolamo. He had 5 daughters: Faustina, Brigida, Maria, Geronima, Maddalena and only 1 son: Giacomo who died in 1594 leaving no descendants.
The article also mentions his business ventures in Spain. He died ca. 1581.

There is another -the same?- Leonardo Lomellini in New Spain who had a commercial contract with Hernán Cortés in 1542. Perhaps Carlos and Luigi are related.

The article also mentions his patrimony valued at 18.750 lires and compares it to the greater patrimony of two other Lomellini: Bartolomeo Lomellini and Augusto.

The article above mentions that the family had 7 Dogi of Genoa; an Angelo Lomellini, author of a relation of the fall of Constantinople, two cardinals, etc. This article mentions a Vassallo di Lumello as the origin of the Lomellini family in 1137.

The Lomellini family, due to its high social class, business matters, education, and family traditions, left a vast amount of documents that record their lives and family connections.
The clues that I started off with were clues that seemed to revolve around Marco Lomellini who was a businessman who moved back and forth between Genoa and Spain. His descendants also moved back and forth. Marco had a lot of contact with Lomellini s from Genoa to Portugal. Gian Baptista Lomellini (aka Battista Leomelin), Bartolome Lomellini, Cosme Lomellini, and Baptista Lomellini were the Lomellini that left many descendants in Portugal that today use the surname Lomelino. As usual there was intermarrying of cousins between Marcos descendants and other lomellinis. There were three Battista Lomellini s living at the same time in Madiera, Portugal A daughter of Marcos married a cousin surnamed Lomellini so I had believed that the line could have come from his daughter. This sent me looking into all the Lomellini lines connected to Marco.

I found many Carlo lomellinis, most died at a young age. I found two Carlo Lomellini that lived at the same time as our Carlo Lomellini
The first Carlo Lomellini candidate did not go to New Spain, and therefore, could not possibly be our Carlos Lomellini . This Carlo Lomellini was a knight of the order of St. John Malta. He was the son of Bonifacio de Lumbello and Nicoletta Marini.

The second Carlo Lomellini that was born at the same time as our Carlo Lomellini that I have identified as a possible candidate has a genealogy that goes to the 4th century. It was well known that his ancestor, Vasallo Lumello, was illegitimate but his father is identified. Vasallo's mother is the one that is not recorded, at least in my documents. This possible Carlo Lomellini is not a descendant of Marco Lomellini but Marco was the thread that led me to finding Carlo.who was born in the 1570's to early 1580's( before 1586) Carlo is a close relative of Marco Lomellini. Many people looking for our Carlos lomellini's parents mention that their family history includes stories about their ancestor being involved in the Slave trade. If this possible Carlo is the right one that we are looking for, than everyone is in for a surprise because his mother, Porzia, is the slave of his father, Vincenzo Lomellini. A record distinctly names her as HIS slave when she is baptized on 5/April/1551 (she had been raised Muslim).[musulmana convertida al cristianesimo] Carlo Lomellini 's mother is considered to be from a low social class. Carlo Lomellini 's father comes from the highest social class.

Genoa occupied the island of Tabarka near where the Lomellini had a grant of the coral fishing from the Ottoman Turks. There was a strong jewish presence on the island along with the Muslims. It was not uncommon for the upper classes To take some of these inhabitants to Italy as slaves. When the word slave is mentioned, many people have images of slaves being whipped every day to do hard labor and although this did occur it was not common practice in Italy in the 16th century. The Italian high upper class would take slaves to be their house servants and not hard labor. Their work load and living conditions were comparable to other peasants of that time, in some cases better. Both peasants and slaves had it tough.

Moving to New Spain would have been advantageous to Carlo Lomellini where he would still carry the status of his family name and also be able to be quiet about his mothers pre-marriage social standing. Another record does say that although she was originally a slave, Vincenzo Lomellini married her. Vincenzo Lomellini(aka Lomellino) is the son of Giacomo Lomellini (b abt 1484 son of Tobia Lomellini and his second wife Giorgietta Gentile) Tobia is the son of Giacomo Lomellini Lomellini and Battina Grillo. This Giacomo is the son of distant cousins Tobia Lomellini and Franca(Francesca)Lomellini ( see next paragraph for her Lomellini line to Vasallo) Tobia is the son of Tobia Lumbello and Orietta. Tobia is the son of bennedetto Lumbello and Gioffredina Benedetto is the son of Ansaldo Lumbello and his second wife Francisca de Gualtieri. Ansaldo is the son of Oberto Lumbello and Angela. Oberto is the son of Simone Lumbello and Giulia. Simone is the son of Ansaldo Lumello. Ansaldo is the son of Vassallo da lumello, consul of Genoa.

Getting back to the wife of Tobia Lomellini, Franca (Francesca) Lomellini (Lumellino), daughter of Nicolo Lomellini (Lumbello)and Luchina Lercari Nicolo is the son of a Napoleone Lumbello (Lomellini) and Teodora di Giorgio di Negro, Napoleone is the son of Leonello Lumbello (Lomellini) and Caterina. Leonello is the son of Pietrino Lomellini (Lummello) and Tomasina. Pietrino is the son of Simone Lumbello and Giulia Simone is the son of Ansaldo Lumello the son of Vassallo da Lumello, consul of genoa.

There are two Franca Lomellinis with a father named Nicolo Lomellini. These are are not the same people and are distant cousins.

Napoleone and Teodora di Giorgio di Negro have a son named Carlo Lomellini that is signore de Ventimiglia, command. de la flotta genovese. He was born in the early 1400's and his marriage and children are well documented. This Carlo Lomellini passed away in 1435.

This Vassallo da Lumello is the ancestor to the Lomellini, Lumello, Lumbello, Lomellino, Lomelin, and Lomeli families. He descends from king hunno velphio bayern (born c. 385) king of the Suebi (Allamani) tribe of western Germany. The tribe called themselves Suebi but foreigners called them the Allamani tribe. Many genealogists and historians have Mistakenly referred to them as two tribes , or as the Allamani as a branch of the Suebi. A son of king Hunno became king of Bavaria. A descendant of king hunno went to Italy and his descendants became kings and princes of Lombardy.

One of these princes married Theodora, daughter of Leuthard II and Grimildis de Paris. Leuthard II was the son of Beggo de Paris and Adelheid ( aka Alpais, Alpaida, Adelaide). Adelheid is either daughter or granddaughter to Charlemagne. The world renowned genealogist Christian Settipani states that Adelheid is Charlemagnes daughter but some other genealogists (including Flotard from the 10th century) state that Adelheid is charlemagnes granddaughter through his son Louis le PiEux. There are 2 Adelheids(Alpais) The argument is which of these two Alpais does Theodora descend from. If you go by Charlemagne and his descendants traditional naming practice then Christian Settipani has the stronger argument. But Flotard wrote his genealogy in the tenth century and had access to primary sources.

Vasallo da Lumello descends from this Theodora, descendant of Charlemagne. This Theodora is nicknamed "daughter of Charlemagne" has been mistaken by many genealogists as actually being her daughter. I repeat, she is not his daughter, though she actually descends from him and is named after her aunt, Charlemagne's real daughter Theodora.
I can post this tree, generation by generation on another date.

This line is only important to nuestrosrancho members if this second Carlo Lomellini is the same person as our Carlos Lomellini in New Spain. if these two are one and the same there would be little documentation among the descendants as they would try to hide Porzias pre-marriage social class. The documents may name only Vincenzo Lomellini.
I recently found a document, just like I had predicted, of a daughter of P. Vincenzo [Paolo Vincenzo] Lomellini and Porzia, naming only her father and making no mention of her mother.
Another interesting fact about this possible Carlo Lomellini is that through his father, he is related to the Marini family who also left descendants in Nochistlan Zacatecas and Jalisco. More endogamy amongst the first families of Zacatecas and Jalisco in Spain before coming over and in new Spain.
I keep getting asked about my Lomellini research so I decided to share part of my work. Some of Carlo 's siblings have been named in the documents but they do not claim to list all of Vincenzo s children. I have not found Luis Lomellini listed as his sibling though this does not mean that he is not one. I did not know until about two years ago that I also descend from Luis Lomellini so I had focused most of my research looking for Carlo Lomellini. I am going to go back and reread all previous documents to see if I missed any information that would help track down Luis Lomellinis parents. I also have many unread documents.
Jaime Holcombe mentioned that Carlos and Luis Lomellini were brothers, but I do not have information on his sources. I would like access his source to look for more clues.

There are many documents that refer to the Lomellini family but my research is not complete, it is a work in progress in the unraveling of the family tree. I do not know when I will publish the book since I still have much to add to it. After all this research, I can understand some of the Italian that I read, and the more I read, the more I understand it. What I do not understand, my neighbor translates for me. He is Italian. My book will provide sources for my information . Much of my work comes from a treasure trove of Italian documents that were collected and kept in a family library. The Lomellini left many family records. they believed in genealogy. They left many legal documents such as wills and business applications and transactions. There are many books in public libraries, and on the internet that will validate my research.
R. A. Ricci

I descend from both Carlos and Luis Lomellini Most Lomeli in Los altos descend from just Carlos. Miguel hidalgo also descends from both Carlos and Luis.

Lomellini (o Lomellino)

Buon giorno a tutti,

Lomellini (o Lomellino). - Famiglia genovese, di origine forse lombarda, la cui potenza mercantile ed economica risale al sec. 12º (il capostipite, Vassallo, fu console del comune nel 1137); si affermò per l'attività bancaria nel sec. 14º e poi per la redditizia pesca del corallo, avendo ottenuto dalla Spagna l'esclusività per l'isola di Tabarca, perduta solo nel 1741, quando l'isola passò in possesso del bey di Tunisi. Tra i membri più notevoli di questa famiglia, che dette a Genova ben sette dogi (Giambattista, 1533-34; Giannotto, 1571-72; Giacomo, 1625-26; Giambattista, 1646-47; Stefano, 1752; Agostino, 1760-61; Giuseppe, 1777-78), si ricordano: Leonello (v.); Angelo, autore di una importante relazione sulla caduta di Costantinopoli (1453); Benedetto (1517-79), cardinale; Goffredo, ecclesiastico e attivo rappresentante della Repubblica genovese a Roma, come appare dal suo carteggio (1559-99); Giovanni Girolamo (m. 1659), altro cardinale; Giacomo, che ebbe parte notevole negli avvenimenti del 1746.

Steven Francisco Hernández López

La famiglia Lomellini di Genova

Efectivamente, los Lomelín de Nochistlán eran originalmente la famiglia Lomellini di Genova, una de las siete familias más nobles y principales de la República de Génova, familia que ejerció el oficio de “Doge di la Repubblica”, como decir el Presidente, en múltiples ocasiones. Los Lomellini originalmente provinieron de La Lomellina “una regione storico-geografica, sita nella zona sud-occidentale della Lombardia compresa tra: il Sesia a ovest, il Po a ovest e a sud, il Ticino a est e il Basso Novarese a nord.”

Presentemente hay Lomellini en Italia, España, Portugal, México, Brasil, y en otros lugares, pero bajo varios rubros diferentes: Lomellini, Lomellino, Lomellina, Lomelín, Lomelí, etc.

Para poder remontar la genealogía antigua de esta familia, va a ser necesario, saber y leer los documentos originales en italiano. Como yo domino el idioma italiano, puedo leer y hacer búsquedas específicas sobres sus personajes, biografías, hazañas, historias, y datos. Este libro contiene la raíz troncal del linaje entero del apellido. “Genealogie delle famiglie nobili di Genova” escrito por el señor Natale Battilana

Entre las páginas 176 y 221 (del libro digitalizado) está la narración histórico-genealógica de los Lomellini. Descendemos de un hombre llamado Vassallo da Lumello, cónsul de Génova en el año 1197.

Pero también obviamente necesitamos conectar los Lomelínes mexicanos cono los Lomellini italianos. Tiene que haber documentos en AGI, PARES, u otros sitios.

Steven Francisco Hernández López

Carlos Peredo

Hello All

I just came across a text that may lead to surprising genealogical news. It´s in the Book "Sevilla y sus mercaderes a fines de la Edad Media"
By Enrique Otte

I saw three paragraphs that may lead to well known families of "Los Altos", Aguascalientes,Zacatecas, etc.; here they are :

"...el 15-may-1506 Álvaro de Valladolid, Bernardo Grimaldi y Andrés de Carrión dieron poder a su compañero Bernardino de Isla para cobrar “de los señores del cabildo y regimiento de Sevilla….en 25-may-1506 el consejo firmó como siempre ante notario un asiento con Francesco Doria en nombre de Giuliano Lomellino por 2,000 cargas (de trigo) ...atuaron por parte de la ciudad …… los veinticuatros Alonso de Jaén de Roelas, Luis Méndez de Sotomayor y Pedro Suárez de Castilla, y el ... en la nao vasca Santiago, del maestre Martín Romo, 199 cargas"

Now, beginning with Bernardino de Isla and Andrés Carrión, I remeber in "Andariegos y Pobladores: Nueva España y Nueva Galicia" a brother of another Bernardino de Isla called Diego de Isla accuses in 1572 a certain Pablo Carrión of bigamy because Carrión was married in Sevilla and re-married in México. Pablo Carrion is said to be the builder of the "naos" of Legazpi´s expedition to The Filippines in which Carrión failed to participate. Couriously his second wife, after the divorce, goes to Filippines and there she gets married again.

I´m guessing that those "sevillanos" of the beginning of the XVI century have to be the previous generation of those "Isla" and "Carrión" that we see in "Andariegos"

And we see that those "sevillanos" were merchants at the same time that there was another merchant called Giuliano Lomellino who is represented in a commercial transaction by another "italiano" : Francesco Doria.

An Alonso the Jaén de Roelas is also mentioned and that brings to my mind those two last names that also appeared in México in the same región.

I´m guessing then : That the Lomelín of México are related to Giuliano Lomellino and that Bernardino de Isla was the father of the Bernardino de Isla that married Magdalena de Lavezares, whose son : Benito was the father of Magdalena de Lavezares and María de Isla.

Let´s recall that in the second half of the 15th century ther was another "italiano" living in Sevilla and that he is undoubtedly the ancestor of the sisters "Isla- Lavezares" , his name was Guido Lavezari a Genovese editor, grand father of Guido de Lavezares who lived in México several times and that finally was named "Virrey" of the Filippines.

What do you think ?


Algo sobre Battista Lomellini, Doge di la Repubblica di Genova, para que vean además las armas de los Lomellini.

Steven Francisco Hernández López

En mis datos sobre los apellidos de Génova aparecen los apellidos Isola y Lavezzari. Parece que estos apellidos italianos luego fueron hispanizados con las ortografías de Isla (en italiano, Isola significa Isla) y Lavezares (porque en italiano, palabras que terminan en –i son plurales masculinas). Creo que estas familias distintas estaban ya vinculadas por ser genovesas y en el ámbito español se unieron. Ya en México por eso tan seguido aparece el apellido Isola como Isla o de Isla así nomás.

Solo una sugerencia para considerar.

Steven Francisco Hernández López

Hello Steve,
I took a look at the book that you mentioned "Genealogie delle famiglie nobili di Genova" written by Natale Battliana.
This book has a lot of information on the Lomellini family, just like you said it would. If you take a look at page 192, [ page 16 of the Lomellini chapter], you will find the Carlo Lomellini, son of Vincenzo Lomellini and Porzia, that Is possibly our ancestor, Carlos Lomellini. This page even corroborates the information that identifies Porzia as a slave and Vincenzo's wife {schiava, poi moglie}. The information identifying Porzia as HIS slave, prior to their marriage, is found in her baptismal record that is not part of this book.

Thanks for all the informative posts. They have provided valuable resources to my research.
I do not know if you remember me. I met you and Mike Guttierrez many, many years ago. That day that we met was supposed to be the day that I gave up genealogy. My intention was to share my information of over 20 generations with other genealogists that may want to take my info and add to it theirs. I was going to walk away from genealogy. I had not expected Mike, you, and the other people in that meeting to reignite the passion that I have for this hobby.
Thanks again
R A Ricci

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