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son of Diego Arias Sotelo and Maria Manuel de Portugal?

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 09 January 2014

Has anyone else come across a child of Diego Arias Sotelo and Maria Manuel de Portugal? Is that what this Diego named below is? The information below came from PARES


Expediente de información y licencia de pasajero a indias de Diego de Portugal Manuel, natural de México, sobrino del conde del Villar [Fernando Torres y Portugal], virrey de Perú, hijo de Arias Sotelo y María Manuel, a Perú. Fecha final


Texto de búsqueda ARIAS SOTELO , del Archivo Archivo General de Indias , dentro de la unidad Casa de la Contratación

Título de la unidad: "DIEGO DE PORTUGAL MANUEL"
Archivo: Archivo General de Indias
Signatura: CONTRATACION,5229,N.5,R.1

I have seen the image of the original document, and even though I did not understand much of it, I did see the name Diego Arias de Sotelo, and the name Maria Manuel (not Manuela) in the document.

Also, I found a book scanned in about the noble families of Spain, from 1622, with details of the Torres y Portugal Family. It names Maria a sister of Ferdinand de Portugal, tesorero, who went to Mexico, and it also names Maria Manuel de Portugal as his daughter.

So I am still confused...

Here is the link to the book
Nobiliario genealogico de los reyes y titulos de España ...
By Alonso López de Haro

p. 215 (of the book, not the number of the Google images) has the info on Maria Manuel de Portugal and Ferdinand.


Carlos Peredo

Hello Denise

I don´t see the confusion, I mean:

Now we know that Diego Arias Sotelo married around 1550 to Leonor de Moctezuma y Valderrama and then before 1559 to María Manuel.

This lady was a descendant of Pedro I de Portugal (and very probably of the "Infante Juan Manuel" also)

Her complete last name chronologically arranged should have been: Villarroel (his father´s) and Portugal Torres Fajardo Manuel (her mother´s line)

She was first cousin to Fernando de Torres y Portugal First Count of Villar Donpardo and Virrey del Perú en 1584

She had a brother whose name was also Fernando de Portugal who was chrged "Tesorero de la Armada de la Cd. de México"

Her cousin Fernando took María´s son, Diego to Perú and this nephew was one of the causes that forced the Virrey to quit his high post and return to Spain.

So Don Diego Arias Sotelo married twice into high nobility : first into the Royal Aztec blood and then into the Francs blood because María Manuel was the fifth grandaughter of Pedro I de Portugal known as "El Bravo" of the "Borgoña" house.



Thanks Carlos, it makes more sense to me now after i read your summary!

The picture i get from the documents i PARES is that at least two of diego arias children lived in mexico city, cristobal and diego. So i'm thinking that maybe that was true of Petronila. Their residence at tarimbaro during the processo against the arias de sotelo brothers was perhaps then only a temporary event. So i will shift my focus to the mex city documents and PARES!

Also, i think very few can now doubt that Petronila was the daughter of Diego Arias de Sotelo and Leonor Valderrama Moctezuma, so the search for a primary source is no waste of time...the information is out there somewhere...


Carlos Peredo

Hi Denise

In my opinion the Sotelos stayed a good deal of time in Michoacan (when they were allowed to); for instance during the trial about the "Conspiracy of the Encomenderos" Diego Arias Sotelo is given seven days to show up in Mexico City from his encomienda de Tarímbaro and in case he couldn´t make it he was to be fined a very heavy amount of money.

Then during the trial Diego asks for permission of (I kind of remember) 6 weeks to stay in Tarímbaro and then asks for a renewal of the requested permision alleguing that His health continues to be weak. Moreover, when he is in Mexico City he is allowed to stay in his brother in law´s house (The Treasurer Fernando de Torres Portugal) instead of being in jail, so maybe he didn´t have a permanent house in México City.



Hi Carlos

I had also seen the reference to Tarimbaro you refer, and that it why i struggled to read the oldest records I could find from Morelia. There is surely more information there than I could decipher. The little I found I have presented in NR, where i recognized the same don Fernando sotelo and the name tarimbaro. We know from The Encomendero's of New Spain that Fernando took over as encomendero of Ecatepec in 1568 when his father Diego Arias Sotelo had to go into exile. About Tarimbaro i do not know, except that the reference to it which i found mentions something about it having been sold. You can take a look at the posts on it, with link to the image, here: LINK TO THE THREAD ABOUT TARIMBARO

The story of the Sotelo Family i find dramatic, think of the distances they covered, from spain to Mexico to peru and back and forth. I have a theory or really just speculation that Maria Manual, once Diego was exiled in 1568, would have moved in with her brother in Mexico City and taken all the children with her, after all, Diego could not have been more than 10 years old at that time. Clearly at some point Diego and Cristobal were sent to live in Spain for a while, as the sons of the upper class sometimes were. Petronila could have been married off at an early age, at which point she would have recieved a dowry, which could explain why she was not mentioned in the settelment of her mother's estate in 1593.I have been asking myself, who would have arranged her marriage, and why was it to Martin Gabay de Navarro, apparently a Basque (gabay is a Basque surname....)??? Perhaps it was her stepmothers brother the tesorero, or perhaps her father who lived longer than I thought, into the 1580's.

The question remains, it is more likely her name will turn up in a record from Morelia, or in one from Mexico City? A woman of her social status would likely turn up as a padrina somewhere... Perhaps she too lived in spain for a while - did the whole family follow Diego as far at Spain, perhaps becoming part of Maria Manuels parents' household?

Petronila is the weak link, since we have no primary source on who her parents are. I hope still that Don Guillermos work on the Sotelo Moctezuma family will be published, but that may never happen. In the meantime, I feel that we already have put together a clearer picture of the fate of Diego Arias Sotelo's Family than we had before, and that is satisfying and encouraging. I hope that one other issue gets solved - the parentage of Francisco Sotelo of Aguascalientes, married to Clara de Jaen. Finding that (even if it turns out he was not a descendant of Diego Arias Sotelo and Leonor Valderrama Moctezuma) would also be a significant contribution to the NR forum as they have lots of descendants.


Hi Carlos and anyone descended from tesorero Fernando de Portugal, his sister Maria (second wife of Diego Arias Sotelo) or his other sister Catalina,

I transcribed the relevant passages from the Nobiliario genealogico, which gives the specifics about how they descend from the royal houses of Spain and Portugal.

What I found interesting is the mention of the Faxardo Family, from Murcia. The reason I find it interesting is because when Diego Arias Sotelo was exiled, he sent a letter from Mula, very close to Murcia (he was otherwise supposed to be rowing a galley off Oran on the coast of Algeria). So maybe the reason he did not end up on a galley was that he had family in high places (through his wife). I found this quote from the article Bastardía, Aristocracia y Ordenes Militares en la Castilla Moderna: El Linaje Fajardo (Juan Hernandez Franco and Raimundo A. Rodriguez Pérez, Hispania, Vol 69, No 232 (2009):331-362):
"Adelantados hay mucho en España, los principales son tres, el de Castila que es Grande y está en la Casa de Padilla. El de Andalucia, que también es Grande, está en la Casa de los Riberas. El de Murcia, en la Casa de los Fajardos."
The authors are quoting Bernabe Moreno de Vargas, Discursos de la Nobleza de España (1997).
The transcription is in a document in the member file titled DIEGO DE PORTUGAL here in Nuestros Ranchos - look in the "D" section.(I meant to save it in my own member file but something went awry, will fix it as soon as I can...)
Information on the Manuel family is here:
El Conde Luganor
by Juan Manuel (Castilla, Infante), Gonzalo Argote de Molina

although I have not established a link between Juan Manuel and the noble Manuel family of this book.


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