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i found a capellania for nicolas sanchez castellanos

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By katy_brecht_quesada - Posted on 17 March 2013

i'm going to read it to see what other geneaological info i can get from this.


Katy, excellent work, I did not Know that Nicolas was the owner of the Hacienda Santa Rosa de Viterbo and he was Captain too. This Capellania was for help his grandson. He was studying at the Seminary of Guadalajara and was son of Antonio de Escobedo y Valenzuela and Rosa Maria or Maria Rosa Sanchez-Castellanos Bañuelos owners of the Hacienda of Santa Teresa both in Monte Escobedo.
This Nicolas was the son of Juan Sanchez-Castellanos and Thomasina de Haro y Saucedo, here you can find the sons and daughters of Nicolas, the value of his properties. This was a hit for genealogy.

The title of Captain I understand was for being landlords because his brothers Lorenzo Sanchez-Castellanos and Joseph Sanchez-Castellanos were captains too in Jerez.

thanks for telling me about who his parents and siblings were. i didn't find that in the document, but i did find about some of his children's names and their spouses in the capellania.i also found out who were the parents and grand parents of teresa ramirez(she was the wife of nicolas's grandson thomas)

Katy, I think I have the most complete information of the sons, wives and grandsons of Nicolas and of course of his brothers and sisters , any question just contact me at

Conclusion Captain Nicolas Sanchez Castellanos and his wife Maria de Bañuelos fonded the Capellania of Santa Rosa de Viterio in the land knowed in 1754 Hacienda of Santa Rosa and the Puesto (Ranch)of La Maza. Their son Florencio Sanchez Castellanos was born ab 1674, Vicente Sanchez Castellanos ab 1679, Sebastian ab 1681 so I can now afim that Nicolas Sanchez Castellanos de Haro was the son of Juan Sanchez Castellanos (widow of Jerez) and Thomasina de Haro y Saucedo(Tlaltenango).

There was another Nicolas Sanchez-Castellanos de Viera(born in 1668 in Tlaltenango) son of Joseph Sanchez Castellanos and Francisca de Viera married in Tlaltenango, Francisca died very soon and Joseph got married in Jerez with ???? Chavez y Bañuelos and lived in Tlalticualoya (today Los Cuervos, Susticacan).

By the moment there is a lack of information of Jerez between 1660 to 1745 to find the rest of the family Sanchez-Castellanos. I hope some day we could check them. In that time, they lived near Jerez, Joseph Sanchez-Castellanos de Haro, Rodrigo Sanchez-Castellanos (son of Manuel Sanchez-Castellanos de Haro), Lorenzo Sanchez-Castellanos de Haro, Maria Sanchez-Castellanos de Haro and Nicolas Sanchez-Castellanos de Haro that were born near Tepechitlan, Zacatecas. ManuelSanchez Castellanos de Haro family lived in Tepechitlan, Jerez and some in Monte Escobedo.

thanks for explaining that to me, also did you get my email.

i know for sure that i'm a dsecendant of nicolas sanchez castellanos through his son florencio's line.

No, I did not. Just a correction the Hacienda of Sta Theresa and La Maza were the lands that Nicolas Sanchez-Castellanos gave them to fund the Capellania.

The Hacienda of Sta Rosa according the document was gotten ab 1689 so the Hacienda of Sta Theresa was founded after, the owners were Antonio de Escobedo y Valenzuela and Rosa Sanchez-Castellanos Bañuelos (daugther of Nicolas).

I do not know were they live before 1689 but my grandgrand.....father Sebastian Sanchez-Castellanos said that he was from The PARAJE (unknown for me), maybe this documents are of Jerez or Colotlan (missing documents or no filmed).


This is the second part....good luck!!!!


Sorry, here is the second part.

thanks for the link juan francisco- also do you happen to know who maria banuelos's parents are?


The wife was Maria Bañuelos Benavides daughter of Diego Bañuelos and María Benavides that lived in Teul de Gonzalez Ortega she was born in 1652in Teul and died in 1728 in Monte Escobedo one year after Nicolas´death(1727). I couldn´t find the married file because there aren´t files of that time. I was readind that in the Reforma´s war of Benito Juarez a person lastnamed Rojas from Tepatitlan was destroyed some files of the church.

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