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JALOSTOTITLÁN: Pedro Plascencia 1600 aprox. hermano de Juan de Aceves 1593 aprox.

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By Ramirez - Posted on 31 May 2010

Hola compañeros, alguno de ustedes sabe algo sobre la descendencia de Pedro Plascencia, que según un dispensa matrimonial de 1700 en Tepatitlán, menciona que es hermano de Juan de Aceves, marido de Beatriz de Hermosillo.

A continuación la dispensa tomada del libro de Luz Montejano:

Tepatitlán de Morelos, Jal. Julio 25 de 1700. Exp. 198.- Dispensa de cuarto grado de afinidad por cópula lícita por dos líneas.- Matheo Ponce, mestizo de 30 años de edad, vecino de esta jurisdicción de Thecpatitlán, viudo de Rita Gutiérrez; con Juana de Hermosillo, mestiza de 22 años de edad, vecina de esta jurisdicción, hija legítima de Francisco Jaramillo y de Theresa de Hermosillo.
Declaración del pretenso: Porque Rita Gutiérrez, difunta, fue hija legítima de Baltasar Gutiérrez y de María de Placencia, y el dicho Baltasar, es hijo de Francisco Gutiérrez, y éste fué hijo de Leonor de Hermosillo, hermana de Beatriz de Hermosillo, bisabuela de la referida Juana de Hermosillo. Declaración de Joseph de Aceves, español de 46 años de edad, pariente de los pretensos: Por haber sido Rita Gutiérrez y Juana de Hermosillo, bisnietas de dos hermanas que lo fueron Leonor de Hermosillo y Beatriz de Hermosillo, de la cual fué hija Theresa de Aceves, y que ésta fué madre de Theresa de Hermosillo, y ésta madre de Juana de Hermosillo, y por lo que mira a Leonor de Hermosillo, sabe fué madre de Francisco Gutiérrez y éste fué padre de Baltasar Gutiérrez y éste es padre de Rita, difunta, y por otra línea Rita Gutiérrez y Juana de Hermosillo, fueron bisnietas de dos hermanos que lo fueron Pedro de Placencia y Juan de Aceves, y Pedro fué padre de Mariana de Placencia, y ésta fué madre de María de Placencia, madre de Rita Gutiérrez, y Juan de Aceves, fué padre de Theresa de Aceves, y ésta fue madre de Theresa de Hermosillo, y ésta es madre de Juana de Hermosillo. 10 fojas.

Me interesa completar ésta rama, ya que yo desciendo de dicho matrimonio de Mateo Ponce y Juana Jaramillo.

L.C.P. Jorge Luis Ramírez Gómez.
Tepatitlán de Morelos, Jalisco, México.
Tel.: 3781095311

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Great find Alex. The witness Mateo de Plascencia of 70 years, mentions that Pedro de Plasencia "el Viejo or Senior" was married with Maria Ana de Aceves. It's possible that this couple are the parents of Pedro de Plasencia (maybe the Jr.) and Juan de Aveces. Pedro and Juan were mentioned as being brothers in another dispensa (Matheo Ponce), see above in the trail of comments.

Sergio Gutierrez

I found another dispensa which may be relevant Diego Thoribio de Placencia marries Catalina de Placencia. This time Mariana's surname is Oviedo. I have no idea if this is Mariana Aceves.

I can tell you that I believe Pedro (younger) is the Pedro Placencia that Married Melchora de los Reyes Moscoso y Sandoval. I am making this connection based on:

  • Pedro's (younger) first daughter being Luisa
  • Luisa and Maria Anna Placencia were siblings (See first dispensa I posted)
  • Pedro (younger) has a sister named Maria Anna Placencia see this dispensa Felis Mercado marries Francisca Efigenia Beserra
  • Matheo de Placencia, witness, is also related to Pedro (younger) via Sagrada Mitra dispensa book 1751

I have never heard of the Trejo de Placencia family; Ill have to do some research on that. I was guessing this family is related to the Pedro de Placencia, founder of Guadalajara, simply based on how many times the name Pedro is used (I have found more Pedros related). In my experience with italian genealogy, names are repeated within the family.

Alex Mercado

Can you tell me more of the pedro de Plasencia that was the founder of Guadalajara? Pedro trejo de Plasencia who lived in Guadalajara and Zacatecas was a poet who was accused of blasphemy and sentenced to be a soldier against his will. He also went to court to fight with his wife.


The Pedro Placencia that came to Mexico in about 1525 on this list:

and here

I havent dont very much research on him as I havent gotten that line of my tree that far. It was the interesting name repetition that made me suspicious. I believe still ~3-5 generations from that connection.

Is Trejo part of the surname?

Alex Mercado

It seems as if there are three pedro Trejo de Plasencia that come to Mexico in the 1500's. The one that is the poet descends from Álvaro Martínez de Velasco y de Beatriz de Trejo, He was born in Plasencia, Extremadura, in 1534. It seems as his father may offer clues as to my Martinez de Alarcon lines. More research is needed to find the connections to the Plasencia line but this Pedro Trejo de Plasencia has some interesting family connections to the Velasco and Martinez de Alarcon lines. I need to do much more research to solidly make the connections. Unfortunately I am in deep research on other lines so I have to put these lines aside for a time but there seems to be a potential gold mine here of information and links combining different lines.


Now if the Pedro de Placencia married to Mariana Aceves is the Pedro de Placencia from the dispensa that started this topic, how does he have a brother named Juan Aceves. Its a strange coincidence that Pedro's wife has the same name as his brother. Is it possible for hermano in this case to be brother - in - law? Or maybe a testigo with bad memory? Hopefully I can answer these questions.

Alex Mercado

Hello all

I am an Aceves through several lines and what I have in my notes is that Pedor Placencia Aceves the founder of Guadalajara married around 1560 a woman who probably used the lastname Muñóz because Pedro was the father of two men :

Antonio Aceves who married Catalina López around 1600 and they baptized one child named Josef de Aceves on march 25th 1604 in Guadalajara.

Carlos Muñóz de Aceves born near 1563 and married near 1585 to María Gonzalez Rubio

According to my notes Carlos and María were the parents of Pedro Placencia who was the owner of "Rancho Ojo de Agua"; he was born around 1585 and married around 1610 to Ana María (Aceves?)

This last couple had at least threee children :

Mariana born around 1615

Juan Placencia bapt 9-ene-1619 Guadalajara

Luisa born around 1625

Mariana was the mother of Agustín Placencia; Luisa was the mother of Nicolás de Placencia. agustín and Nicolás are mentioned in the Dispensa of Manuel Becerra y Melchora de los Reyes Placencia on 1724

WOW. That is some amazing information right there. May I ask the source of this gold mine? HA!

Thank you so much

Alex Mercado

Hello Carlos,
Great information on the Plasencia and Aseves. I also descend from the Aseves. Do you know where I can get more information on Pedro Plasencia Aseves one of the founders of Guadalajara. Do you have any information on his parents?
Thanks for your help,


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