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"Calavera Highway" - on PBS

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By nc_coleman - Posted on 17 September 2008

Just wondering if anyone else had seen the documentary, "Calavera Highway", a 'Point of View' (POV) documentary that aired on PBS (I saw it last night, Sep 16), but others may have seen it the night before last. This is not a genealogical story, but it is a family history story. The following is a brief description of the documentary:

"Brothers Armando and Carlos go on a road trip to reunite their siblings, and return their mother's ashes to South Texas. Their journey takes them across the American west and central past, and they probe not only Rosa's life, but their own struggles to find identities as men and as fathers."

You can read more at this PBS link:

(And take time to read some of the other links associated with this documentary, as well as comments that have been posted here):


Hi Natalie,

Yes, I caught the ending of the show last night and became intrigued. So after it ended I logged on to the site and read up. I am going to try and catch the complete documentary when it re-airs.

- Angie Godina

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