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Diego Alonso de Hermosillo (Gonzalez or Ramirez, or both?)

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By Jaime Alvarado - Posted on 10 July 2008

I understand that children's surnames often do not match the patrilineal usage we employ today. However, often (but not always) those 'inconsistencies' have a 'logical' explanation. In the example of Gertrudis, Nava was her mother's surname. Other siblings took the Munoz from the mother side, while others the Gonzalez from the Paternal Grandfather in all sorts of combinations (with or without de Hermosillo). However, I wonder whether anyone knows of an Extracted Record that lists Ramirez de Hermosillo for members of that family. All the ones I've seen listed are Submitted Records. I wonder if all started with a transcription error (Ramirez instead of Gonzalez) with that error becoming perpetuated over time. By contrast, I do find Gonzalez Hermosillo as a surname asociated to Diego Alonso de Hermosillo's children. Just wondering.


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> Jaime:
> Last names were very inconsistent, to say the least. Did you notice that:
> Catarina and Juan were "Gonzalez de Hermosillo", but their sister was
> Gertrudis "de Nava" ? I have come across this before, where siblings from
> the same family will have different last names.
> Aristocracy and wealth at work!
> Thank you for the info.
> John Gonzalez
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> > Thanks John
> > Last night I found the following on Alonso marriage to Luisa...


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