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Texas Hispanic Genealogy Conference

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By ayalarobles - Posted on 06 October 2007

Did anybody go to the Texas Hispanic Conference?

I was hoping for some kind report or article.

Esther A. Herold

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> Hello Arturo:
> Well, I am not going either.
> Last month I went to Aguascalientes and Leon, Gto., Guadalajara & Lagos de
> Moreno. And.....I came back with the ecoli bacteria again! Right now, I am
> on some strong drug.....because I need to get well!!!
> In Nov, Lee & I are going to Veracruz. And, of course our trip to Vegas for
> New Years is all set. Our oldest daughter is joining us this year.
> However, I am doing genealogy. I am going to help Angel Brown publish some
> records out of Mexico. I need to help so that can come out as soon as
> possible. Will tell you later....
> Arturo....I got a couple of copies of some Teocaltiche stuff.....could not
> get the book a copy is just as good. I bought the cabildo
> records of Guadalajara...and got home..... read my list and it shows that I have
> them in my library....have looked and looked and cannot find them!!!!
> When I have time I will tell you about my trip to was a trip
> from hell! Although, it was also funny and crazy!! One thing I will tell
> you....I will never, and I mean never stay with anyone again. I mean their
> home!!! I really missed having Josie with me....we seem to get along okay.
> Josie is in the process of moving to Houston. She will be living pretty
> close. Her daughter lives here....maybe 20 miles or less? She bought a house
> and is selling her San Antonio home.
> Do you remember the lady that we know that sold some records to
> I do not want to mention any names.....the records were not hers
> to
> sell......she was paid $15,000.00 which went into her pocket. Well, last
> Friday
> she was picked up by the DA's office taken to jail and booked. For
> genealogy????
> For stealing, really, not for the $15,000 but for about $3800.00 from the
> last year's conference held in Corpus Christi. Only in Texas!!! She was
> with the SAGA group. Acturally she was SAGA; she would not let anyone see the
> treasury report...or any other report... The group has 'regrouped' and are
> trying to keep afloat with the terrible reputation that has befallen them.
> Anyway, that is not just idle gossip. I cannot imagine why someone would
> mess their reputation for such a small amount of money.
> Mickey
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