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¿how could I get the batch number?

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By Marionicia - Posted on 11 September 2007

Hello! If I have a film number, how could I get the batch number, been the case I don´t have a name nor a surname?
per example, I have a film number for Silao, Gto., FHL INTL 291844 baptisms 1670-1717, what would be the batch number?

Have you ever looked at:

there you will find batch numbers, at least that is how I found all of mine.

Thank you.

I found film numbers as well, but how do I get the batch?

Please, try to find the batch number for this films: 291844, or 291845, or 291846 related to baptisms from Silao, Guanajuato

As you see I need steps, so tell me how.

Do all films have a batch number?

Any help appreciated. Thank you again.


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