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film info on Nuestros Ranchos

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By chula801 - Posted on 21 July 2007

Could anyone please explain to me the purpose of the
film info on the site? I'm not really sure what we
are supposed to do with it, but I assume it is
beneficial for looking up info? I'm sorry if this is
a dumb question, but I was hoping I could contribute
to it or make use of it somehow... Thanks for your
Lavaniya Jimenez

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Dear Lavaniya:
The LDS has some of its film records extracted and put into search capable databases. In other words, you can click on the links in the film section and be taken to the LDS database for this film. You can then put your ancestor's name in the search and hit enter or you can just hit enter and you will be able to scroll through the records to see if any of your ancestors are on this film (click the next button at the bottom of each page to get to the next page). Sometimes it is better to scroll through as various spellings sometimes makes it impossible to match a name. For instance I was putting in Geronima Ledesma and getting no results because within the LDS record the name was Jeronima DeLedesma.

Without this link you must use trial and error trying to figure out which of the microfilms for a particular area have been put into the online databases. The LDS has many records in their search databases, but not all of their microfilms have been completed. The films section lets us know exactly which ones are in the database. I actually did the trial and error method before I stumbled on this site! I would guess the next batch number by using consecutive numbers. This works sometimes, but other times there are gaps.

So with this in mind, do not think the LDS does not have records you are looking for if you do not find a match on their site. Only a small fraction of their information is on the database. It sometimes may be necessary to go to their library catalog and search on an area, for example San Miguel or Valle de Guadalupe to find out all the microfilms available.

Once again thank you and thank goodness for the films section on this site!!!

Well, that's sounds just great! If only I can figure out how to use it... So, how do I get into the database to search through the film? I clicked on films, then the region (Jalisco), then Mascota and 3 films showed up. I clicked on the film and it only gave me a choice to edit or submit a film. Maybe I'm in the wrong place? I really appreciate your help!

Do not click the actual film number, click the box next to the number called IGI.

I was mistaken though. It does not allow you to search by name, only to scroll through.

However if you know the film number and batch number, then you can go into a search, replace the film number and batch number to the one you want and be able to search by name.

By the way, when you get into the IGI then click on the persons name to see more information, such as parents in baptisms or parents and spouse in marriage documents. Hope this helps.

> Could anyone please explain to me the purpose of the film info on the site?

Are you referring to the list which shows which list members have films on permanent loan at their local LDS Family History Centers?

I assumed it was so list members could ask someone to look up information. I'm certainly willing to do that with the films to which I have access. The extracted records do not include all the data found on the microfilmed records.

~Deena Ortiz~
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

How do you add a new muncipality to a state?

How do you add a new muncipality to a state?


For Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes, all of the municipalities are already in the database. If the municipality does not show up on the list when you click on a state that means that there are no films for that municipality in the database yet. If you want to add the first film for a municipality, select the name of the municipality from the menu on the bottom of the page (below the list of municipalities for which there are already films).

If you would like to add a municipality for a state not in our region, let me know which municipality and I can add it manually to the database.

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