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By mendezdetorres - Posted on 08 February 2007

I found my 4th great grandfather two days ago.

Ramon Elizalde
Married 1824
in Calvillo, Ags. Mexico
Born abt. 1804

Can anyone help me? Any help is appreciated. (Well If I order the film I will get his parents which would be abt 1770?


Can you give us some more information about the marriage? Who did Ramon marry and what was the exact marriage date? David Serna has the Calvillo marriage film for that year on indefinite loan, but there is no Ramon Elizalde on that film. Where did you get the marriage information.

Also, you should not assume that he was born 20 years before the marriage since people often remarried, sometimes very late in life.

I was just looking at your folder and was having a very hard time understanding who is whose parents. Can you try adding this information in there and putting the information into a pedigree or Ahnentafel chart?

I got this info on IGI and the reasaon I know without a doubt that its them is that I already had a Ramon Elizalde and Anastacia Duran.

Ramon Elizalde and Anastacia Duran
Marriage: 25 Jul 1824
San Jose, Calvillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico

And Arturo I understand and I dont blame you that you couldn't understand my genealogy. I too at first thought it was strange. My family very well intermarried with only spanish families, They wouldn't marry mestizos for some reason. So far in my research, I've never seen "so and so" a mestizo on any records. It's usually Espanol for the
people. Which probably eplains why I have skin lighter than a white man.


I see the entry in IGI now. It looks like the transcriber had a thing for reptiles... Ramon Lizardo... that is a good one. Anyhow I easily found it with Anastacia Duran's name.

If you go into the Films database, you will see that another member has that film on indefinite loan at their local FHC. Perhaps if you ask him, he may look up the entry for you and save you having to order the film. However if you suspect that you will be looking up more things on the same film, it is worth the $16 investment to order it and keep it at your local FHC.


I should also apologize about the comments I made about your genealogy being a bit confusing. I just noticed that you have your genealogy in the GEDCOM database and is there a lot of information in there! It looks great.

It might be helpful to other users if you could put a note in your folder just stating that your information is available in the GEDCOM library.

Thanks for sharing yoru discoveries with the group.

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