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By meef98367 - Posted on 06 July 2006


I forgot to mention that when you fill out your transcription sheets, make sure that at the top of each you write in the film number, locality, type of records and dates, etc. You don't want to try to figure out the source later.

When I get home I file the sheets immediately in binders in chronological order and I highlight the surnames in yellow, and I post new information to the pedigree charts then to my online WorldConnect trees. I keep the sheets indexed in binders by Census, Births, Marriages, Deaths, LDS films, Messages, Other Resources. In the front of each binder I put the pedigree charts or printouts of the trees from the online Family Tree or World Connect.

Keep all your sheets organized from the beginning in binders, one for each line. If you don't, you will have sheets and notes all over and get confused.



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