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By romero89 - Posted on 05 July 2006

Will "Ranchos" set up a place in its files for us to upload and
compare our DNA results? It may be helpful for us to be able to
compare our DNA with one another. It's another dimension of research
that compliments the gedcoms already in the files.


ROMERO Y-DNA Surname Group Co-Administrator

That's an excellent idea Linda.

I'm going to do so immediately. I will add my YDNA and mtDNA results to my family tree so the results are integrated with my genealogical research.

I've completely transceneded my attachment to my surname in favor of my genetic make up.
Surnames have only been in use for about five, or six hundred years. Our DNA goes back to the origins of our species.

Still, I would like a separate area where our results could be viewed and matched. It would be an invaluable research tool, as well as just plain fun!

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