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mistakes in legal records

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By gloriad648 - Posted on 30 June 2006

About the mistaken listings in the "Caribbean" -

Some years ago while researching the CABI & CADI (California Birth/Death Records) I kept finding very Spanish surnames of people supposedly born or dying in Maine, including one of my relatives that I knew had never left California. Then I realized that the old abbreviation for Mexico was ME, and when the records were switched over to a supposedly more modern system, all these Mexico-born Californians "became" residents of Maine!

About the same time I was trying to research the military record of one of my cousins who was MIA in Korea. I knew he was Puerto Rican, born in Hawaii, but couldn't find him anywhere. It turns out the US govt had mislisted all the vets from Puerto Rico as being Southeast Asian, and besides, had listed them all under their maternal surnames instead of their paternal surnames. This error is in the process of being corrected.

Gloria D.


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