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Fill Out Your Profiles Please

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By makas_nc - Posted on 30 June 2006

If you haven't done so already you need to go back in and properly fill
out your profile. Give the details that the profile asks for. As an
example if the profile asks for your "Area of Research Interest" don't
just put Jalisco or Zacatecas, but do put in the Ranchos and other
locations within our target areas. If you have listed only one surname
put in the other surnames if you have others in our area. . Also if your
home town is not listed please put it in (this info is private to the
moderators only) as it gives us an idea of where everyone is and helps
me determine whether to switch folks from the English to Spanish version
of the list.

In short go back in and fill in your profile as completely as possible.

1) log in

2) "my account"

3) click on the "edit" tab

4) then proceed to click and edit on the various tabs: "Personal
Information", "Research", and/or "my Mailing Lists" [this last one if
you wanted to change from individual emails to Digest for example].





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