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General Trinidad Rodriguez

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By NathanJones - Posted on 03 May 2006

Thank you for finding that.

I'll bet he's the other General Trini Rodriguez. If he died in 1914 it makes sense that Pancho Villa adopted his son as his own.

I saw the original baptismal announcement at the Villa Museum in Parral. The child's name was Samuel Rodriguez and the godparents were Francisco Villa and Luz Corral.

Although the date of birth works. My great grandpa Jose Rodriguez Montoya was born in Parral in 1867. He had an older brother born in 1859, and a younger brother born in 1871. There could have been an even yonger brother born around 1880.

My grandfather, Nicolas Rodriguez Contreras was born in 1890, son of Grandpa Jose Rodriguez Montoya and Maria Leonor Anizeta Contreras, his first wife.

Nicolas was mayor of Parral and principal of the school during the Pershing Incursion. He rallied his students to stop the gringos. He told them the gringos would not pass Parral, if they did the road would be wide open to Mexico City. My mamacita tells me the American soldiers cried for their mothers when my grandpa's students attacked them with farm implements and sticks and stones.

They rode straight for the border and never violated Mexican soil again.


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