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03/31/2006---Ranchos Yahoo Closing

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By makas_nc - Posted on 22 March 2006

On the 31 March 2006 the Ranchos Yahoo group will cease to function as a

At this point we have roughly 40%-50% of the group members moved over
(this is not good news).

So after that date any messages you post to the email address
( will not work

After 31 March 2006 all messages to the Ranchos group need to go through
the Nuestros Ranchos website email distribution lists: (for
messages strictly related to genealogical questions and inquiries) (for
messages of a historical general nature or of the culture of the region) (for
announcements or messages related to events of interest to group members)

Here are some great instructions by Arturo that can be found at the website:

Instructions for transition of account from YahooGroups

Please Do NOT create a new account. Your account is already set up with
your YahooGroups userid but you will have to request a new password in
order to log in. The new password will be sent to the email registerd on
your YahooGroups account and once you receive your password you can log
and change it to whatever you like. In order to do this:

1. From the main page, click on "Request New Password" just below
the login area.
2. Enter your YahooGroups username or the email address registered on
YahooGroups ranchos.
3. Click on e-mail new password.
4. You will receive an email with your new password.
5. Log on with your YahooGroups username and the password received in
the email.
6. Click on "My account" (Second or third sidebar menu item)
7. Click on the "Edit" tab and enter new password (in both fields
provided) and click submit.
8. Review other information in the Account Settings category. Change
your language, time zone, etc. as necessary. Please do NOT change
your email address. During the transition, the email addresses
registered on this site and on YahooGroups must match or messages
will be rejected by one site or another. This restriction will be
lifted once the transition is complete.
9. Review the information in the Personal Information category. Enter
your name, location and geographic areas and surnames of research.
10. Review the Mailing Lists settings, and subscribe to the mailing
lists per the instructions below. This is very important. If you
do not sign up for the mailing lists, any messages that you post
will not get distributed to the group!

Instructions for signing up for the mailing lists is as follows:

1. Click on the mailing lists menu option on the right hand menu or
click on the mailing lists menu item when editing your account in
step 8 above.
2. Click on the type of subscription you would like for each of the
three mailing lists. You must initially subscribe to receiving all
email or daily digests. Once you have gone confirmed your
subscription (next step) you can change back your settings to "No
Email" which allows you to send messages to the list but not
receive any messages from the list, i.e. you will be able to read
messages only by going onto the website.
3. You will receive a message asking for confirmation of your email
address for each of the mailing lists to which you subscribe. If
you sign up for all three, you will receive three separate
messages. Simply reply to each message to confirm your subscription.
4. Once you have registered for a list, the messages that you post
will get distributed to the group. You can post in any of the
three Forums or via email to any one of the three lists and the
messages will automatically get posted to the website and get
distributed to those signed up for the new Nuestros Ranchos list
as well as the old YahooGroups list. The posting addresses are,, or

For instructions on navigating and posting content click here


If anyone has any problems whatsoever email me Privately at and I'll work with you to get moved over to the new group.




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