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what does abuelos seigneron ... mean?

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By euler2luna - Posted on 12 March 2006

what does the phrase "Abuelos seigneron fueron padrinos ..." mean in a baptism document. Are they both abuelos and padrinos? I would have attached the document, but I don't see a way of doing that. With the email system it was easy to do. Well, that's progress.

And thanks for the discussion on wildcards. It has really helped.By the way, I have a marriage document where the bride's father is no conocido, but later he is listed as abuelo on the baptism of one of the children. There is always hope.


Since I can't see the actual handwriting I would guess that the phrase could be "...abuelos se ignoran.." If you think the writing could be the phrase I wrote, the meaning is "...grandparents unknown..."

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