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"Aya en los Nuestros Ranchos"/Volunteer's Needed

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By Visitor - Posted on 21 February 2006

Message from Joseph Puentes makas@...

Okay the new
"Nuestros Ranchos"
website is ready for Beta Testing and we're looking for a few volunteers

Our resident
webmaster guru
extraordinaire, Arturo Ramos has put forth a tremendous amount of work
getting the website designed and built. He truly is a one man show and
I'm sure
you will like and appreciate his hard work that will benefit the long
existence of the Ranchos group. Without this effort I truly believe the
group would have dissolved in a few years, but now I see the
possibility that
the children of some of the members might be able to take the reigns
one day.

here is the
website's URL:

Have a look
around and if you would like
to volunteer to test the site, please follow the instructions that are
on the website.  [NOTE: this group is meant to eventually be a
for the Yahoo Groups Ranchos/Ranchos2. having said that I understand
that any
time you introduce something new there needs to be a certain amount of
transition time involved. So for you Beta Testers may unfortunately
receive two
copies of some messages posted.  That is part of the drawback of having
the two sites up and running simultaneously and making sure that
receives all of the messages, regardless where they are posted.
we'll move everyone over to the new group and the double posting will
stop. ]

If anything
at all is unclear or if you
have questions about this or the group or anything ask away. If I can't
I'm sure Arturo can and if he can't we'll strive to get the information.

Here's to
our future together,


Rosalinda Ruiz Moderator

Arturo Ramos Moderator/Webmaster

If you would
like to be a beta tester,
please follow the following instructions to access your account (which
already been set up):

account’s password is not set, so
in order to log in, you will have to request a new password so the
system can
create one.  The new password will be sent to the email registered on
YahooGroups account and once you receive your new password, you can log
change it to whatever you like.  In order to do this, go to the
website address and follow the instructions.

To post
messages or upload files to the
new site, you can follow the instructions at:


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