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Padrones de Jerez

Hola a todos,

Hace un tiempo, un miembro del grupo menciono unos Padrones de Jerez, Zacatecas

Testamento de Isabel de Medina y Mesa

Para Rick y los interesados en el tema.

Registration of ships that sailed from Spain to Nueva Espana (Mexico)

Just enter the reference no. (example- CONTRATACION, 2899 into the website):


Elder interview questions

Hello everyone , I have returned to the site after many years of not being active here but researching in many corners of Mexico and the United States over almost 10 years .

Sobre los Machicao

Buenos días,

Dejo lo siguiente para los interesados en la familia Machicao o Bachicao, antepasados por línea cognaticia de Lorenzo de Padilla-Dávila y Machicao.

Cause of death & place of buriel

Can someone help me with the translation of this death certificate? It is the certificate on the right for a Sabas Campos...page 59. Image 2187 of 2303.

Who is this Nicolas Ballin?

I have the death record of a Nicolas Ballin (Vallin) from 28 Nov 1747.


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