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1767 Diary of Fray Gaspar Jose De Solis From Zacatecas Visiting Missions in Texas

I am having a ball reading this diary of a Fray (Padre) Gaspar Jose De Solis of the College of Frays (Padres) of Guadalupe, Zacatecas, Mexico. Also known as Colegio Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe.

Need help reading name on document please

Hi, I would appreciate your help reading the last name please. First name is Maria but the last name is hard to read.
I have attached a picture.
Thank you

Records location?

Are these documents digitalized or only available at their physical location? If digitalized, where can I find them?


Example 1:

1616 Juchipila/Tlatenango

I am looking at this document of tierras and see a lot of places that are under jurisdiction of Juchipila and Tlatenango.

Xerez for example was under jurisdiction of Tlatenango.

1540 exploration of Texas/New Mexico area by Fray Marcos De Niza

I believe that Fray Marcos de Niza was probably the very first explorer (besides the native americans) of what today is Texas and New Mexico.

1568 Map of Guadalajara to Zacatecas

Tierras and Aguas 1584 - 1694
Film No. 007985224 pg 521, 522


Leonor Gonzalez

Is the Leonor Gonzalez who is the mother of Felipe Nunez de Miranda the same Leonor Gonzalez who is the mother of Cristobal Vasquez de Mercado?

Nicolas Bocanegra y Magdalena Sanchez de Avalos, Josepha Perez de Bocanegra y Bernan

Nicolas Perez de Bocanegra Hijo de Hernando Pérez de Bocanegra y Maria López , caso 4 veces
en primer ocasión

Nicolás De Bocanegra
Matrimonio: 27 de noviembre de 1634

List of names of foriegner miners in Nueva Espana 1788




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