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"Relacion De Pasajeros" Archive of Passengers traveling on ship to the Americas

Here is an archive that you can browse fleets of ships with names of passengers that traveled from Spain to the Americas. It is under the term "Relacion de Pasajeros:"

Starts on pg2:

AGUASCALIENTES: Francisco Gutierrez Duron, Elena de Alvarado, Beatriz Rodriguez de la Vera

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Forminil = Pinos Altos (Durango)

I found several baptisms in Santa Maria church in Los Remedios, Durango, some at la Capilla del Forminil, giving the birthplaces as Forminil.

Joseph Vargas y Ana Prieto Gallardo (Mariana Martinez Gallardo)


I found a tree for the family of Francisco Prieto Gallardo and Isabel Anda de Altamirando that included a marriage of their daugther Ana (maybe Mariana) with Jose Vargas.

Spanish Law 1770 in Mexico

Spanish Law or Custom 1770

Soldiers in Aguascalientes 1912

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Does anyone know where I can find a list of soldiers that we're in Aguascalientes around 1912?
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