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Matrimonio de Juan Antonio Ruiz y Maria Josefa Ysaguirre

I cannot locate the record for the marriage of Juan Antonio Ruiz and Maria Josefa Ysaguirre. It was 2 September 1798 in Rio Verde, San Luis Potosi.

Tony Campos RIP

Esteemed genealogist Tony Campos passed away today, November 18, 2016. His primary genealogical focus was in the State of Michoacan.

FamilyTreeDNA 2016 Winter Holiday sale

The FamilyTreeDNA 2016 Winter Holiday sale has started. They are giving coupons out that can be used on top of the discounted prices reducing the price of the tests even more.

Galicia and when Spanish separated from Portuguese.

I have wondered at the "end of the line" origins of m Family surname, (ORNELAS) and am now down to about 5 serious contenders, all in the Galician region (Northern Spain/Portugal), and talking to sev

lorenso de esqueda

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,

On this baptism for Lorenso de esqueda could someone tell me what it says
after fueron sus padrinos Salvador Ruiz de Esparza:


Need help finding Pedro Jose Thorres married to Maria Manuel Ortiz

I truly need help find my 8th generation grandparents Juan Antonio Thorres de Escobar married to Getrudis Codero. They were from San Juan Bautista, Sombrerete, Zacatecas Mexico.

Genealogy Research in Mexico

The number of people researching their roots in Mexico is ever growing. What I wonder is, do people who were born in Mexico and still live there have any interest in genealogy.

Ameca, Protofundacion Mexicana

I just found out that the book "Ameca, Protofundacion Mexicana" by Jesus Amaya Topete is now available to view on Google books.

Ambrotype Photography of Mid 1800's.

I just came across the term "Ambrotype" and it was an old way of taking photographs on glass.

petronila de moctezuma

buenas tardes a todos nuestros amigos compañeros de este foro
de investigación genealógica
alguien a podido encontrar alguna pista sobre el linaje de


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