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Letters from Jaime Holcome

I just ran across some documents attributed to letters from the late Jaime Holcombe. One of the documents has some very valuable information regarding one of my lineages (a very important one because I have five lines going back to these people). I know that Jaime Holcombe passed away some years back but I am wondering if anyone is familiar with his work, would know where to get authoratative copies of it (perhaps with sources) as well as if there is an official repositor of his research that I could contact?

Customs of Wedding /Celebrations/Food/

When I was a little girl many years ago (haha)., I can
remember going to weddings here in Kansas City. It
was an all day event. The wedding mass would begin
around 9:00 or 10:00, after mass we would have Mexican
bread and hot chocolate, then around 1:00 to 4:00 they
would have the reception with Chicken & Mole,
tortillas, sopa and of course Mexican music or a
Marichi band, then we would go home and rest and get


Thank you, Victor. I will check Gary Felix's page. I have listed on
ybase.org and ysearch.org but have not found any matches. I did find
one close match, from Scotland. The other was Puentes on the
Rancho's Group. Close, but no cigar. I guess I'll just have to hang
around until a match shows up.


Yahoo! Groups Links

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Are you a good ancestor?

Found this on-line - thought you might enjoy it.


A good ancestor keeps certificates including birth and death
records including health, military, naturalization, and school;
newspaper and church notices; awards; photos; art and craft work;
Bibles; diaries; baby, school and wedding books; heirlooms.

He or she dates correspondence, cares for tombstones, keeps research

Memories of food from Tepatitlan

Hi Esperanza,

My father was born in Tepatitlan de Morelos, Jalisco, Mexico. I have
been looking for relatives or someone who may have known his
relatives there. Does anyone in your family know the Romero or de la
Torre families from that area? My father's name was Ramon Romero,
his parents were Castulo Romero and Sofia de la Torre, his
grandparents were Manuel Romero and Marcelina de la Torre. Sofia's

Salt Lake City, Oct. 14, 2006

The Hispanic
Conference in Salt Lake City will be held Saturday, October 14, 2006.  I
am expecting to receive the program schedule soon and will post it

Natalie in VA

Natalie; The first meeting, as is so common, was a just "get to know everybody" type. I just was so happy to put faces on the names. It is now more fulfilling to see Peggy Delgato's name (example) and know her as a real person that I have met and spoken to. Once the ice is broken, the subsequent activities can be planned with more confidence and with people you "know". For me, it was especially nice to meet Deena Ortiz. We had a common interest and it was nice to share a moment.

A veteran's conversation with Olivia's husband

I had a great conversation with a great guy who was a Vietnam Vet, like myself. I came away with information more valuable than a link to my family. The food was great and the conversations were equally facinating. But Olivia's husband (really great and interesting guy) told me about the VA hospital and registration for the disability benefits. Olivia, please thank him for me.

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I was not sure now to send in my introduction, so I
am sending it to you in a word doc.

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