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Test of Research Questions Forum 02-23-2006

Test of Research Questions Forum 02-23-2006

Test of Research Questions Forum 02-23-2006

Test of Research Questions Forum 02-23-2006

Last call for Saturday meeting

This is the last call for this Saturday's Southern California Ranchos
meeting. Some people will not be able to attend after all, so there
is still room. If you can make it, please email me ASAP at
rosalindamruiz@... .

The location is Rowland Heights, CA.

I would also like to thank Olivia Jaurequi-Reyes for her generosity.


Ranchos Moderator

Using the New Site: Instructions

Message from Joseph Puentes makas@...

As we make the transition to the
new group it is understood that there will be a bit of a learning curve
as we all get used to the new system. There has been a little confusion
about how to sign up for a new password. Well here are the instructions
that were on the other end of the URL link that was in the previous
email instructions that Arturo wrote up [Note: it is important not
to sign up for a new account but "Request
New Password" using your YahooGroups
Username---read below:

Help/Ayuda/Por Favor

as in the words of our new webmaster:

"we need people to play around with the site and give some feedback and
let us know if there are any problems with the way it functions."

go on there and just upload some files and then delete them and make a
folder and then delete it. Let's make sure the site works good.

have a look at: http://NuestrosRanchos.com

let us know what you think. No rush but eventually say by the end of


I don't really know why, but PAF is available in Spanish in only Version 4.0.4, whereas the latest version is 5.2.18. I have not used the 4.0.4 so I am not sure what charting and reporting capabilities there are, but I know that there are a few members that use both the English and Spanish language version much in the way that you are envisioning.

As far as conversion, I don't think you really need to worry about it. You can just open up the PAF file that you have created in the English Version of the software in the Spanish Version.


First of all THANKS to all who responded to my question about using
DE in a surname... I'm sure other members new to genealogy as well as
those more seasoned in this "obsession" continue to learn from other
I recently attended a genealogy meeting where they mentioned that
there was a PAF program in Spanish and I was wondering if I could

"Aya en los Nuestros Ranchos"/Volunteer's Needed

Okay the new
"Nuestros Ranchos"
website is ready for Beta Testing and we're looking for a few volunteers

Solicitation for Assistance for Totatiche Historian/Genealogist

You can count me in for a contribution.  Just let me know the details. 

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From: arturoramos2
Sent: Feb 20, 2006 1:19 PM
To: general@lists.nuestrosranchos.com
Subject: [ranchos] [Nuestros Ranchos] Solicitation for Assistance for Totatiche Historian/Genealogist

Last month I mentioned that I met with Esteban Valdes Salazar, "cronista" from Totatiche, Jalisco and genealogist who has published a number of very valuable books.  He is in the midst of trying to publish a second edition of the now sold out Historia de Totatiche as well as a new book on the genealogy of the Pinedos and Ortegas of Totatiche.

He has transcribed a whole series of early land titles and is the only historian who has seen the old Fransican convent records from Colotlan from the 1600s.  He is helping Samuel Sanchez get those filmed as we speak.

He is very strapped for money and is trying to raise money to publish these works and I promised him I would try to get some donations.  I have already received some from a couple of generous Ranchos members.  My parents are headed back down to Mexico in a couple of weeks and I would like to send the donation down with them.  Please let me know if you would be willing to contribute, however small an amount.  I will make the donation on behalf of the group and will list the names of the contributors in my letter to him.

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