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Anchondo from Chih - Genealogical Societies - lower case L

I am also researching Anchondo from Chih and settled in Texas. Contact me off line since this isn't Ranchos area.

I also belong to the Roseville Genealogical Society and like you most of the other members are researching TN, KY, New England, etc. etc. Only 2 other people in our group of 160 members are researching Mexico. Keep you eyes open for the handouts that your speakers have. Some of them are very helpful if tweaked a bit for Mexico. I already tried to set up a folder called Tools and Forms. See you in April.

food & music

I'm a bit slow here and just catching up on the
celebrations, food, etc conversation. It reminded me that
I have a recording made in the 1950's of my two
great-great aunts. They discuss life on the rancho in

Genalogical Societies

First of all - WOW!! 134 messages, and it is only the 8th of March!
So much to read - and all of it very interesting. Thanks.

Now - subject question: What genealogical or historical societies do

Yolanda, we are primos!


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Wow what a very very very fortunate person I am to have such wonderful
and talented Moderators, Rosalinda and Arturo, to help me sort this
situation we find ourselves in out. Rosalinda and Arturo have taken the
bull by the horns and leave me little to do. I want to say thanks in
public for their excellent help. Thank you Rosalinda Thank you  Arturo.


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