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The IGI & Padre No Conocido

I don't know if this is appropriate to address to those planning to go to Salt Lake City in October, but I have a question about the way the IGI works as far as finding the children of women where in the record it says hijo natural or padre no conocido. Maybe someone at the main FHC or Mr. Ryskamp can answer the question.

Ghengis Khan's 16 million Descendants

Knowing of my interest in genealogy and genetics a friend just sent me a link to this article which is very interesting.

From damninteresting.com
A Big Footprint on the Steppe

Posted by Cynthia Wood on March 5th, 2006 at 8:27 pm

food and music

Oh, boy, Joseph, I should have thought of format. These
were originally on reel to reel, now on cassette. I
believe I have someone, however, who can get it to MP3
format for me. I'll email you offlist when I've got it and

NARA Hispanic Genealogy Conference

I called the NARA Public Affairs office this morning to inquire about
whether there would be a Hispanic Genealogy Conference this year, as I
did not see one on the calendar. There is NOT one scheduled - SO FAR

Who's who on Nuestros Ranchos

Will there be a Who's who component on Nuestros Ranchos like there is
on Yahoo Ranchos Group? Or another way to search who elso is
reaearching same/similar surnames?
Just wondering. Thanks for all of your work in setting up the new

Forms and Tools

Thanks to Kitty Cortez, we now have a collection of forms that you can
use for record extraction.

To view or download these, go to the files section on the new site and
choose reference materials. If you have any forms to add that you think

Could use some menudo 'bout now.

Hi, all,

I just drove home from the FHC in a flurry of snowflakes. The neighborhood looks like a Christmas card what with snow all over the evergreens and lawns, and it is 30 degrees out. Wish I had some menudo to warm me up (really some pork pozole---I don't like tripa). Salmon's on the menu tonight. Maybe I should make some salmon pozole---no that wouldn't do. How's the weather out your way?

Anchondo from Chih - Genealogical Societies - lower case L

I am also researching Anchondo from Chih and settled in Texas. Contact me off line since this isn't Ranchos area.

I also belong to the Roseville Genealogical Society and like you most of the other members are researching TN, KY, New England, etc. etc. Only 2 other people in our group of 160 members are researching Mexico. Keep you eyes open for the handouts that your speakers have. Some of them are very helpful if tweaked a bit for Mexico. I already tried to set up a folder called Tools and Forms. See you in April.


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