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References: A Must!

Imagine one day you DIE and five generations pass before a researcher
comes along in your family and finds a copy of your work. Think how
elated this person is to realize that you have dug so deeply into your

Alt 255 FTM

For me right now I'm going to pass on the backSlashes and go with the
ASCII code ALT 255 which puts an invisible space between the names you
want to appears as one name.

here are the answers I received that included suggestions on using the

Digital Camera Pics


What pixel size dimensions did you use on your camera for the pictures? Do they print out at a reasonable resolution so they can be read?


Digital Filming Project News

I just uploaded an article from the LDS Church News that gives some
information about the Digital Conversion Project

have a look in Albums-->Digital Filming Project News

Digital Cameras Instead of Copies

I just wanted to share a recent experience in my research with the group.

Until recently when I wanted a copy of a document, I would take the film off the viewing machine, sometimes wait to use one of the copiers and then usually get mediocre results from the printer. Some films will not print at all at my FHC because they don't have enough contrast and the printer does not like that.

El Cinto

A quote from Joseph's message to Natalie:

"Now Natalie, who exactly are we talking about? Can you email me
privately? I think it's time for the Cinto"

Reading about "El cinto" brought back memories of the time when I was a "Muy travieso" little boy and the harsh discipline administered by my parents.

BackSlash: FTM


here are the answers I received from the FTM list about the back slash issue
I think we need to experiment with it with the first names as well

maybe something like

\Maria Josefa\ \Sanchez de Castillo Cruz\

General Digest Vol 3 Issue 15 - a disaster

I don't mean to complain - but the General Digest Vol 3 Issue 15 that I received was a DISASTER. It seemed to be filled with a lot of repeitive text that I am sure is clogging up our site. I know Joseph posted some instructions not long ago on how to delete the body of a message before hitting reply to a query, etc. I don't remember what day that was posted (and I couldn't find the message to provide reference here) - but it is a message that may need repeating - and READ CAREFULLY for guidance in this matter - and if you don't understand, then ask for additional help. I am not very good with computer techy stuff, but believe me, if I can do it you can too, it isn't hard to do.


Yoland Medina Perez has submitted a very very thought provoking poem. .
.go and read it:

Files-->Books and Articles-->"Poems and Cuentos"

Secrets are something that can totally alter our genealogy.


Hi John:

It was Alicia's idea that we meet in the Bay Area or Central
California to allow other genealogists to join our meetings. We all
agreed and welcomed the opportunity to get out of the 100+ degree


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