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NARA Brickwall workshop in Seattle


That Brickwall workshop will be on April 13, not April 23 and it is free.


Alicia Carrillo wrote:
For anyone living in the Seattle area there will be a workshop on April 23 at the NARA facility. See the link below.

Oral and written family histories

What's in the telling of our stories and telling of our lives? It depends........, could be a great deal or very little, depending on who's doing the telling and who's doing the listening.

I, because I've been consumed with geneaological research for the last year and a half, communicate this to almost anyone who will listen, who is family or may be family or may want to be family or may want to just listen to me babble.

Black Beans and Rice

I am listening to a book on tape called "Havanna Dreams." It has a lot
of Cuba's history in it as related to Fidel Castro. One section was
talking about this dish that was named in such a way that it sounded

Finding Gerardo Diaz's parents


I am switiching this conversation to the Research list since this is really a research topic.

There are 26 Gerardo Diaz in the Social Security death index. Where did your gradfather initially live/work when he immigrated to the United States? Where did he cross the border (El Paso? Nogales?) Do you know when and where he died?




It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees--Emilano Zapata


I'm Here. -Natalie C. Coleman, Virginia

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Welcome Tony!

Thank you for your assistance... I am eager to begin my research.

My grandfather's name was Gerardo Diaz.

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