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Genalogical Societies

First of all - WOW!! 134 messages, and it is only the 8th of March!
So much to read - and all of it very interesting. Thanks.

Now - subject question: What genealogical or historical societies do

Yolanda, we are primos!


Hi Emilie--
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Jose (Macias)

I tried to respond to the automated request to have your Earthlink service send you a request to approve my e-mails to you. I did not address it to the nobody@earthlink.com, it just did that automatically. I am wondering if you got my response to the e-mail you sent me today, March 7 at 6:23 pm.



Wow what a very very very fortunate person I am to have such wonderful
and talented Moderators, Rosalinda and Arturo, to help me sort this
situation we find ourselves in out. Rosalinda and Arturo have taken the
bull by the horns and leave me little to do. I want to say thanks in
public for their excellent help. Thank you Rosalinda Thank you  Arturo.

I think I did it

Joseph and Arturo,

I believe I was able to load my intro into the nuestros ranchos which I wasn't able to do last night. I guess I also needed to go mimi like Emilie. Emilie that was cute, I didn't know that anyone else used that term "mimi" that we use to say, "It is time to go to bed".

I do have a question though. I first opened my file that was uploaded I belive from yahooranchos to nuestros ranchos. This appears to be the info from who's who and It says this file can be viewed only by you. Why would you need to have that information there to be viewed only by me when I already know what it is, rather than have it posted to be viewed by everyone in nuestrosranchos? Just thinking out loud here.

Forms - Tools   for Nuestros Ranchos

That is a great idea. You want to take a stab at it and simply create a file folder in the Reference Category called Forms? If you have the files in Word of PDF format, you should be able to easily upload them.

I will check your YahooGroups files to see what would be the simplest way to upload them all.

As far as how far I am from Loudon County, I live right in downtown DC and Loudon County is about 30 miles outside of the city so it is not TOO far. It would be great to meet you.


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