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SoCal Meeting

I just want to express my view and comment about our recent meeting that we had in Southern California.

First of all, I offer my thanks and appreciation to Olivia Jaurequi and her husband for being such wonderful hosts. I can imagine all the hard work and preparation that it took to take care of the group. The food was delicious and plentiful. My only regret is that I started with the Mole, beans, rice, salad,and the tasty Carne Asada and by that time, I had no room for the Menudo and pan dulce! Maybe next time I'll start with the Menudo.

Cristobal Magallanes Jara

Does anybody in the group have a copy of Esteban Valdes Salazar's pamphlet on Saint Cristobal Magallanes Jara's genealogy? I know that somebody in the group shared a scan of the cover with me early on... but I was wondering if someone had the content as well... particularly the Magallanes side. I have the Jara side from Esteban Valdes' Jaras de Totatiche book going pretty far back... That is available in my online database if anyone is interested:

Lent and Capirotada Time

Well it is that time again............time to do your shopping and get ready for Capirotada. Tomorrow is fat Tuesday as they say in New Orleans but for "nosotros los Mexicanos" it is time to prepare for Ash Wednesday. Not only do we prepare capirotada but we begin to prepare all the other lenten meals which means meatless pero muy sabroso.   Today we purchased el pan bolillo at the panaderia La Sonorense. Tomorrow we slice the bread lengthwise and toast it in the oven. Hubby diced all the dried fruit today to use for the capirotada. He shelled the peanuts and will toast them tomorrow. He went to Supermercado Mexico today and purchased Canela, piloncillo, tomatillos, queso Oaxaca and we will be ready to roll tomorrow.   For the rest of the meal we bought nopales, dried favas which in spanish are habas and the dried, powdered shrimp. We will make tortas de camaron con nopales en mole rojo. We will shell

To Jose: Re H. Duff

Test 1111-from Joseph

test 1111- from Joseph

Southern Cal. Meeting Group Picture

John (or someone who has it)
can you email me a copy of the group picture we took on Saturday?

Thanks so much!!!

Peggy Delgado


p.s Or better yet, post it to the "ALBUMS" file, here on
Nuestros Ranchos....

Southern Cal. Meeting Group Picture

John (or someone who has it)
can you email me a copy of the group picture we took on Saturday?

Thanks so much!!!

Peggy Delgado


p.s Or better yet, post it to the "ALBUMS" file, here on
Nuestros Ranchos....

Nuestros Ranchos===>2 part instructions

Arturo has created a page of instructions. They are pretty easy to
follow and in two parts. The first part below the URL given for the
instructions on the website itself tells how to get your password. .
.key point here is NOT to create a NEW Account. Read through the
instructions. THEN---THEN---THEN after you get your password and log in
if you want to start sending messages to one of the forums you need to
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  Here you will see
detailed instructions (very straightforword, but they do require you to
read and follow them) on how to subscribe yourself to the individual
email forums. Basically you subscribe to which ever of the 3 email
forums you want to be part of then you'll get a CONFIRMATION
email that you need to reply to. . .that's it.

Yes this is different than Yahoo but in time you will see that it is

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Format of New Website

I just signed up for my new password so I can navigate this new website, and I find that I can barely read even this as I type it. Could the fonts be larger and bolder? When the messages come through the Yahoo Groups website I can read everything well, but I am really having trouble reading on this website. I am also having trouble understanding the menu of forum topics. Will there be a long list of forum topics to navigate through to find something we want to re-read? I had to submit a forum topic for this message and I couldn't find a forum that seemed appropriate for it.

Meeting in Southern California

It was so nice to meet with those of you who were able to attend the
luncheon meeting in southern California today. The food was delicious!
Thanks to all of you who pulled this together.

I was talking to Rosalinda about the possibility of someone compiling a book
list of relevant resources.

Any discussion on how to get access to out-of-print books?

~Deena Ortiz~

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