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translation please

Will someone please translate this for me. The translation online
was confusing. Thank you.


Building Up Our Site

We now have three members who have contributed to the GEDCOM database. We have a few other people who asked for accounts to be set up but have not yet uploaded data.

If there is anybody who would like to put their genealogy data (even if it is just a fraction of what you have) in this searchable database, please let me know and I will be happy to help you get it online. I think that building the database, particularly ancestors from the earlier centuries (those that we might share with other members) would be incredibly helpful for the group.

Oral History Cuentos

Have a listen to the latest submissions by Frank Moreno Sifuentes at:
http://NuestraFamiliaUnida.com/podcast/oral_history.html and if you
haven't already continue listening to the next group of stories from the

[Fwd: Washington, D.C. Parade]

To any and all within striking distance of the East Coast. Come and be
part of the Parade in DC on July 4th.


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Mexico research in Italy

Greetings from Switzerland! I took some R&R time in Italy and found someone
born in Mexico and buried in Italy! I went to Venice a couple of weeks ago
and took a water taxi across the lagoon from Venice to the Island of St.

The latest news from Salt Lake City.

The first digitized records are now online, according to my sources in Salt Lake City.

They tell me that their original estimate to digitize all the records in their mountain vault would take SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS!

Viva Aguascalientes

Many thanks to all who have contributed to my project on Chihuahua.

I intend to follow up my study on Chihuahua with one on Aguascalientes along the same broad outlines.

So if you have any books you can part with on Aguascalientes, or old family photos to share, please let me know.

Viva Chihuahua!

I'm writing an English language guide to the genealogy and history of Chihuahua that I think will be of use to everyone tracing their roots to Chihuahua.

I need additional source material. In particular books on Chihuahua's history and genealogy as well as family narratives. There must be several hundred books on the subject, virtualy 99% in Spanish, most out of print, most had small print runs in the first place, many were printed by small concerns in out of the way towns and pueblos.

Estancias de Nochistlan

Do you have a list of the La Estancias ... in and around Nochistlan?


Charles Clark

Charles, there is one called "La Estancia" and another is "La Estancia de Luis de Velazco", in addition to "La Estancia de los Delgadillos," which I sent to you earlier.

"New File Update" Notifications?

Hello All! long time no posting! Anyway, when someone posts a new "genealogical" file, or edit's one...how does everyone/anyone find out? The reason I ask is that I added to new files to my tree and wondered how anyone would know to go there and look at it?


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