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Are You Getting Emails of Postings?

We know that nearly all of the old Ranchos members made it over to the new site by logging in at least once since the site was launched.

However, there is a large number of people who are not signed up for the mailing lists. Joseph did the first step of the process for a number of people when he moved their files over from the old site. However, in order for the mailing list sign-up process to be completed, the person signing up MUST reply to the confirmation e-mails that she or he receives.

Minutes from March 2006 Sacto meeting

wow you guys are great. Please keep having these meetings and hopefully
more and more members will start attending.

thanks for CC'ing me. . .I'm happy to be included.



New MtDNA Results

I just received the mtDNA from the test that my father did.

Both of my maternal lineages have come back as indigenous (A and B) and both of my paternal lineages have come back as European (E3b and R1b)

Diccionario Geografico


In the "Diccionario Geografico" Where do you click to go to a different letter of the alphabet? When it first opens up, the "A" comes up. I want to go to the "M".

Thank you.

John Gonzalez

Still confused?

I don't know if this will go through. I thought I posted something yesterday and I don't think it went through. I thought I was signed up for the mailing list but maybe I'm not?

New LDS Guide to Mexican Family History

FamilySearch announced today the release of a new research product that will help those with Mexican heritage to succeed in their quest to learn more about their ancestors. The research guide, Finding Records of Your Ancestors, Mexico, features easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, colorful graphics and tear-out worksheets. A free copy can be viewed or downloaded below.

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Add Your Films on Nuestros Ranchos

As some of you have noticed, one of the new functionalities of the new Nuestros Ranchos site is the films database. The database allows you to search the IGI and VRI indices on familysearch.org simply by finding the name of the relevant municipality and the relavant dates. The database also has information on films that members have on permanent loan at their local Family History Centers.

New Files Uploaded To Nuestros Ranchos


Four new files for my decsendants Juan Zuniga, Domingo Nava, Diego Luna and
Miguel Carlos Godoy all from Tepetongo, Jerez and Monte Escovedo Zac.

Sally Zuniga- Quinones matthew_chavez1

Genealogia Section to Podcast

Seems that the word: Genealogy is a looked upon with distain from those
that study History. For that reason I left the word out of the
description of the Nuestra Familia Unida podcast project. Genealogy is a


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