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Rincon de Romos, Aguascalientes


I too have recently traced some of my husband's ancestors (some Esparzas too) to Rincon de Romos:

Maria Francisca Reyes Roman, baptized 06 APR 1782, San Jose de Gracia, Rincon de Romos

Diego Romo De Vivar/Rincon De Romos, Aguascalientes.

I was quite surprised to find that a Google search could turn up so much information on an ancestor.

Just for the hell of it I entered DIEGO ROMO DE VIVAR. I knew he was born in Spain in 1608, married Maria Rnagel who was also born somewhere in Spain in 1612, and that they started a large family in Aguascalientes, New Spain.

Municipio de Zapotlan el Grande

Is anyone researching ancestry in Zapotlan el Grande (near Ciudad Guzman)? If so, please contact me directly. I made contact with someone who works for the Municipio who is willing to help us with our research. Please be very specific with your requests.

Escribanos de Jerez y Tlaltenango

I just found this going through the Archivo General de la Nacion index. There was a discussion last week about finding out who were the escribanos and how they worked. I am pretty sure that each escribano was given a jurisdiccion where he was responsible, so this confirms that in the early 1700s there was an escribano assigned to Jerez y el Valle de Tlaltenango, which at that time, I believe was considered a single municipal entity, split in half by Colotlan which was under a military government under the direct jurisdiccion of the Viceroy of New Spain, i.e. not Nueva Galicia:


I was absent for the last month due to personal issues, but after a while i'back!

Last week I'd gone to the Family History Center here in Montpellier but unfortunately it isn't ready yet, they are trying to install all the programs and told me to come back in two or three more months, this is so sad because now I have time and I cannot search anything :(

Tlaltenango History Books

There are a number of books written by a local historian in Tlaltanango,
Zacatecas by the name of Bernardo Carlos Casas:

Tlaltenango : una ciudad amurallada (1986)

Semblanza historica de la parroquia de Tlaltenango : 1544-1991 (1991)

Family History Archive

I was confused. I thought that Family History Archive search engine was
the Digitizing projects first efforts. The reply from that project below
seems to set the record straight:

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So I do I chat??



I have recently joined the group and want to take this opportunity to
introduce myself. My name is Sheila Prader and I have several ancestors
from Jalisco, including Los Altos de Jalisco. Some of my locations are

Cultural websites

Here are some sites of possible general interest:
(not all information is current)


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