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Antonio Liendo Senior vs. Junior

This arrival would be for Juan Antonio LIENDO, senior since it is before the birth of the junior. But the time frame seems correct given that you believe the junior was born around 1700. This Antonio LIENDO came unmarried to the new world... Guatemala, which is not quite Nueva Espana but very close and certainly within easy migrating distance to Zacatecas a decade later...

Need help with Zacatecas

Perhaps someone can guide me in the right direction......my brick wall is
"Zacatecas, Zac." where my ancestor, Juan Antonio Liendo and his wife
Catalina de la Rosa gave birth to their son also named Juan Antonio Liendo.

Roll Call

Estoy aqui. I'm here!

Maria Gutierrez-Uhlenburg

Momax and Nahuatl Place Names

The orginal indigenous inhabitants of the area around Momax, Zacatecas
were Caxcanes, Tepecanos and perhaps Zacatecas. All of these ethnic
groups were Uto-Aztecan speakers, meaning that the languages that they

Update on Family History Library trip

Ranchos Members

Report on visit to Family History Library in Salt Lake City (FHL in SLC).

Cojumatlan de Regules, Michoacan - Film Inventory at FHL in SLC
Unfortunately only 1 film number was found. Film number 654633. I see on the catalog listing a few more films showing FHL INTL Film which should mean they are at the FHL in SLC, so this could mean that these films are in High Density location. When ordering your films before a trip, they will check High Density first before ordering from the VAULT. When you get to the library, always check the file drawers to see if your films are in, if not, then go to the window and ask if they are in High Density. They will check their database and either order the film from VAULT or they go back to High Density location and bring them out to the window, usually takes one hour. Don't recall who ask to check this out so I am addressing it to all

NARA Brickwall workshop in Seattle


That Brickwall workshop will be on April 13, not April 23 and it is free.


Alicia Carrillo wrote:
For anyone living in the Seattle area there will be a workshop on April 23 at the NARA facility. See the link below.

Oral and written family histories

What's in the telling of our stories and telling of our lives? It depends........, could be a great deal or very little, depending on who's doing the telling and who's doing the listening.

I, because I've been consumed with geneaological research for the last year and a half, communicate this to almost anyone who will listen, who is family or may be family or may want to be family or may want to just listen to me babble.


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