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My Family Tree

My Paternal Family Tree is now uploaded and ready for you to view.

It is entitled FROM MOCTEZUMA to ALDERETE and is very extensive. I hope it can be of use to you in your research. Considering our field of research I suspect I'm related to a whole lot of you.

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Ulla-Britt Genealogy Folder

Have a look in the files area under members genealogies for the new
addition of Ulla-Britt Morris' genealogy file
(http://www.nuestrosranchos.com/node/14470). It covers this area of

Los Paisanos de Chihuahua y Coahuila

Is there an English language website for those of us interested in the genealogy of Northern Mexico?
I checked out Genealogica de Norte Mexico, but it is exclusively in Spanish.

My research takes me from Aguascalientes up into Cuatrocienegas/Monclova(colonial capital of Nuevo Santander)/Rio Nuevo/La Madrid/Nadadores in Coahuila de Zaragoza.

research Digest, Vol 3, Issue 19

Arturo and group:

In George Ryskamp's book, Tracing Your Hispanic Heritage, Chapter 12 is
dedicated to notarial records.

He says, on p. 437, "The most difficult problem confronting the researcher

FHC Closures

Those of you facing an imminent closure of your local Family HIstory Center might consider petitioning Salt Lake City for an extension.

I don't remember who said they live on an island, but you could address that issue in a letter to Salt Lake.

Great Podcast: Muslim Reign in Spain

I'm trying to get permission from "Here On Earth" to let the Nuestra
Familia Unida podcast link to this presentation. . .very very interesting:


Hotels in SLC

I found this article today regarding the hotel situation in SLC. Note in
paragraph 4 that they mention the Plaza Hotel which is now owned by the LDS
Church. It was previously known as the "Best Western Plaza at Temple

Archives of the Indies

If you’re interested in the Archives of the Indies I want to recommend an excellent book:

Discovering the Americas: Archives of the Indies.

It’s a recent over-sized volume and gives a great overview of the archive itself and its contents, including pictures of original documents, sketches and drawings and actual samples of materials sent from New Spain and other territories, including samples of silk and other fabrics that look brand new, rather than five hundred years old.

NR Transition

I'm talking with Arturo and at the end of May I am going to delete the
members that never made the transition over to the new group. Right now
that number seems to be right in the area of 33 people who were on the


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