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Is this the same Diego ROMO DE VIVAR that was born 12 Mar 1589 in Relves,
Toledo, Espana? If so, he is my 8th GGrandfather.

Ken Alva
Southern California

Fiestas de Mexico

Gracias to all member that responded favorable.
My project has taken me from prehispanic time to the present(1968-71). I have tried to incorporate several short stories "cuentos" and novels that has a "Fiesta" or celebration of somewhere within the drama/dialog. Some have a political overtone, but I feel strongly that the message must continue and that more mexicanos/hispanics/chicanos must be aware. I hope I don't offend or shock anyone. Thanks, Francisco.

Joseph's Gedcom: How To Delete Living Individuals from a Gedcom FTM on Family Tree Maker

Okay I finally got around to stripping the living people out of my
gedcom and uploading it to the Gedcom section of the group: have a look
at it when you have some time.

Here is how I was told by a member of the Family Tree Maker lysis group

DNA Immigrant Stories

check this site out:


and then this link:


Fiestas Project

Por favor comparte tu trabajo con nosotros. A mi me gustari mucho leerlo. Si quieres, puedes crear una carpeta de archivos y montar el trabajo ahi y luego nos puedes avisar donde pusiste el trabajo.

compartir trabajo

Estimados miembros de nuestros ranchos:
Recientemente he terminado un trabajo sobre las fiestas mexicanas y la ideosincrasia de los mexicanos. Me gustaria compartir con el grupo y de esta manera tal vez inquietarles a que otros compartieran algo de sus trabajos, memorias, anecdotas, etc... claro si ustedes estan de acuerdo.


I need help with a first name. I've always had trouble with getting a
grasp on this name and am probably butchering it badly.

Can you all figure out what the name is suppose to be: Yldefora or Yldefoura

document attached

I got this when an article about me was in somos primos. I think it is
the work of Salvador Cabral Valdes. I have attached it.

General Trinidad Rodriguez

Thank you for finding that.

I'll bet he's the other General Trini Rodriguez. If he died in 1914 it makes sense that Pancho Villa adopted his son as his own.

I saw the original baptismal announcement at the Villa Museum in Parral. The child's name was Samuel Rodriguez and the godparents were Francisco Villa and Luz Corral.

Two Mexican Revolution Generals named Trinidad Rodriguez

I got a monthly email from Genealogia del Norte de Mexico, so that site is not quite dead.

I took another look at it, and couldn’t find anything more than a single word, “password,” in English. My Spanish is pretty strong, but I’m sure I miss some subtle nuances, especially in technical passages. So I still hope to find an English-language genealogical website for Northern Mexico.


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