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DNA testing

Has anyone on the NuestrosRanchos list had a Y-DNA or mtDNA test with
FamilyTreeDNA or other testing facility?

I've had my Y-DNA results for the Romero Surname and they are
unusual. I am interested if anyone whose ancestors are from the

Enter Your Data Today: Please-was:Who's Who Link Fixed

Listen up everyone please follow Arturo's instructions. Filling the Data
that is missing from you profile will help the search engine work
better. if you don't know how to do it then email me privately and we'll

FYI, Streets of Laredo

My husband and I just finished watching Streets of Laredo, through Netflix.

It was an offshoot of the Lonesome Dove made for TV movie (1995)and it takes place in the wildwest days, mostly Texas/Mexico border. I couldn't help but think of the days when our ancestors came across the border and what trials they must have endured. Some people probably made it and some may have perished with the possibility that no one ever knew where their remains were or what could have happened to them. Those that did live probably had a very difficult life, Mexicans were on the bottom end of the food chain.

Mexican Nicknames

My father's nick name is el Chorro's (he had stomach problems I think) , his brother Manuel is el Profe (Professor), Gregorio was el Piojo (small one/ lice), Jose is known as el Mocho to this day (he accidently cut a couple of his fingers off), Antonio is Maraguas (unsure of meaning), and my grandfather's nick name was el Guero (light one).

Port of El Paso Records

Arturo and Joseph,

Suzanne Harris of NARA has returned the batch of five requests I sent her. There were two cover letters that I will paraphrase here:

"Since 1845 there had been attempts in the United States to create or require a record of aliens within the country. Registration of alien enemy residents of the United States was required during World War I under section 19 of the President's Proclamation of November 16, 1917. A central set of records of the registration of alien enemies [Germans and ?], consisting of their registration affidavits, was assembled by the Department of Justice in Washington, DC during the war. However, in 1940, the Department of Justice reported to the National Archives that these registration affidavits had been destroyed with the permission of Congress. A small number of these registrations have survived and can be found in our regional archives in San Bruno, CA and Kansas City, MO. It is possible that others have survived on the county or state level."

Mexican Nicknames

In an earlier message, Patricia brought up the topic of nicknames, which in Spanish are known as "apodos." She asked whether such nicknames were common among Mexican people. My answer would be a resounding yes.


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Domingo Puentes y Rosalia Diaz

I don't know any living male descendants of Domingo and Rosalia. Since I
descend from a female line I didn't trace the male lines. The best I can do
is the family of Rafael Puentes and Josefa Raigoza. I am attaching a family

Crossing the border at El Paso, Texas in the 1920's

I'll be posting some photos from a souvenir booklet sold on the Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1920's. Those of us whose ancestors crossed to el norte through El Paso saw some of these same stations along the way. My father, Luis Calvillo Zaragoza, was 10 years old when his family travelled from Guadalajara to San Francisco, California, on this same train route, in 1922. His mother, Jesus Zaragoza Castillo, a widow with five children and very little money, nevertheless paid the grand sum of $1.50 so that Luis would remember the journey. The booklet remained one of my father's treasured possessions until he died.

Thank You Patricia

I don't think anyone is going to complain about your messages to the group. Quite the opposite, I for one, am very glad that you have joined and that you and others have begun communicating via the lists and the site again.


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