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Just a thought

Is there a possibility of adding a live "chat" service to exchange thoughts among the members? Francisco

How low will we go? Check out Yahoo! Messenger’s low

Copying Equipment


The equipemt being used at the Murrieta, Ca. Family History Center is:
Canon Microfilm Scanner 300, coupled to an HP compaq computer with an HP Laser Jet 1320 Printer.
Almost any PC can be used, including laptops. A memmory stick or a CD can be used to take the records home and viewing them at your leisure on your own PC.

FW: Salt Lake Plaza Hotel At Temple Square

I received this today from the director of sales and marketing at the Plaza
Best Western in SLC. We have been allowed ONLY 6 rooms, Mickey and I will
be sharing a room so that leaves 5 rooms for the Ranchos members. Keep in

Lost Pictures/Albums???

if you go to the Albums and your Album is suddenly missing well its not.
I've created general Albums (Root Albums). Now when you see a catagory
of what your pictures will fit under you click on the Root Album and

Notario Films Project

Dear Nuestros Ranchos researchers,

I just went to the Guadalajara section of the FHL catalog and counted
how many films are in the Notario Section ( México, Jalisco, Guadalajara
- Notarial records

Creating an album


I did the same thing earlier. The problem is that you first have to
open up an existing album. Then you'll get the option to "Add an
album". You'll see a drop down control below, select the Root folder

Tlaltenango Marriages in GEDCOM Database

I have begun transcribing all of the paleography I have been doing on
the Tlaltenango marriages film into the GEDCOM database. I have also
been supplementing it from the IGI entries from the contemporary

creating an album.. HELP!

By the way, GREAT pictures - I have some from Michoacan during the
revolution. If anyone wants me to post, let me know.


INEGI digital map

The Mexican government has an agency called the Instituto Nacional de
Estadistica, Geografia e Informatica (INEGI). They have incredibly
valuable inofmration on the Mexican census, central bank statistics and

1: Mazapil Map

I just uploaded a map to the albums-->maps area of the group

have a look if you are researching Mazapil (actually I should have put
this map in the Historical Maps section) if you get to looking for it


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