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Family History Archive

I was confused. I thought that Family History Archive search engine was
the Digitizing projects first efforts. The reply from that project below
seems to set the record straight:

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So I do I chat??



I have recently joined the group and want to take this opportunity to
introduce myself. My name is Sheila Prader and I have several ancestors
from Jalisco, including Los Altos de Jalisco. Some of my locations are

Cultural websites

Here are some sites of possible general interest:
(not all information is current)

Moctezuma's descendants

See the following link for sources to Moctezuma's descendants.

Alicia Carrillo,
San Jose, Ca


WildCards ???

I'm trying to get the hang of Using WildCards in doing searches on

I'm very thankful to Victor Villarreal for the great tutorial on
WildCards to be found in the "Files" under "Reference Material" under

Migrants Reshape Villages with ideas del Norte

This happens to be my native town in Zacatecas and yes you too can belong to one of these clubs. Great place to get hometown stories, meet family and yes maybe even make a contribution.

Alicia Avelar de Carrillo

Book Search: Sotelo

I'm trying to find out who knows anything about this book. Please
contact me directly: makas@nc.rr.com

"Sotelo, Fundador del Apellido en Nueva España"

This book is supposed to be used as a source by Salvador Cabral Valdez.

Digitized LDS Films Online

I was told this morning by a Mormon Elder that the digitizing of the films in the Salt Lake City Repository is proceeding well. A process begun two years ago.

He told me that the first digitized films will be online shortly, and that they will be closing many Family History Centers, consolidating them since everything will be online soon. The remaining consolidated FHC's will be mostly for people without Internet access.

[Fwd: FW: Pilgrimage and Meeting of Los Bexarenos]

>From: "larry kirkpatrick"
>To: elindio2@hotmail.com
>Subject: FW: Pilgrimage
>Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 18:12:37 -0500
>Notice of Regular Meeting of Los Bexarenos
>The next meeting of Los Bexarenos Genealogical Society will be on Saturday,


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