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Pedro Velasco Navarrete, Velasco de Haro, El Mozo

Hello to each and everyone,

I hope some very savvy members can help me in finding out who the mother of Pedro Velasco Navarrete married to Mariana de Aceves was.


I see these in the sagrada mitra files. What are Cofradias

Nicolas Bambrila(Brambila) and Juana De Orosco Tamazula or Cotijja

I'm looking for any information on Nicolas Bambrila and Juana De Orosco their kids were born in Tamazula from what I read in their marriage records.

need help with one word in doc from 1700s

Hi Everyone

There is one word I cannot read in a baptism entry:


jose domingo cervantes and related families

where can i go to find a marriage dispensation or something of the relevance for a jose domingo cervantes who had married maria nieves terrones on may 2,1798 in cinega de mata , jalisco mexico.

abbreviation "C"

Hi Everyone

Quick question:

Does the letter "C." in front of a man's name mean Capitan?

Causes of Death

Can some of you more experienced in viewing/interpreting death records list
the most common causes of death:

Fibre: Fever

Dolor de Costado: I think that means Heart Attack what is your underst

Padilla Dispensation with Trees

Hello everyone,

Para Uds. que investiguen sus antepasados PADILLA en Jalostotitlan, encontré esta dispensa de 1797 para el matrimonio entre:

Jose Urbano Alonso 1835 – Deceased • 9SLP-SFK

Jose urbano married Guadalupe lopes in 1857 a dispensa was needed for 2nd with 3rd anyone know where i could find san luis potosi during this period?


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