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"Rita" Michaela Magdaleno" y Rafael Valdés

Hola a todos:

Encontré que mi abuela "Rita" Magdaleno cambió su nombre, en realidad se llamaba María Michaela.

Se bautizó el 12 de marzo de 1740 con el nombre de María Michaela.

García Family, Teocaltiche, JAL

I was hoping that someone within this community may have some more information on this family pre-1850s.

"Los Rodartes", Jerez, Zacatecas History

Is there a history book or published paper on the first Spanish families of Zacatecas, Mexico, preferably in English?

Finding Pedro De Torres y Sarmiento

Hi everyone

Somebody have any details about Pedro De Torres y Sarmiento (c.1685) and his wife Lorenza de Borja y Gaitan(c.1690)?

They had at least tree sons and two daughters

Need to decipher the name of this town,

Hello friends, I'm having trouble reading the name of this town. Each time, I google it, I can find anything. I honestly don't even know if it was in Nueva Galicia.


Monico Almeida

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,

Could someone look at this baptism for Jose Monico Miguel Almeida and tell
me if all 3 couples are the padrinos or if 2 of the couples are

Antonio Ramos marriage

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,

on this marriage for Antonio Ramos and Maria Robles it starts on the left
page and finishes on the right.

Hispanic Heritage Project Press Release

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Ancestry DNA

Ancestry DNA Kits are on sale $30.00 off until tomorrow, Sunday 11/27/2016.

Italian DNA results

My husband has Villasenor ancestors from Jalisco.  His Ancestry DNA results show 19% Italy/Greece.  It was not broken down any closer.


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