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Hola Familia,
I'm no where as experienced in research as some of you, but in the few years I've been at it,

Multiple burial records for the same person within a few years

I have noticed a a few instances, at least 5 so far, where a person has two burial records within a few years. This in Nochistlan with the first burial records occurring in the mid 1780s.

Gregorio Sandoval Legaspi's wife

Hey everybody!! I have a question about Gregorio Sandoval Legaspi and his wife.

Mexican caste system

Does anyone know of a museum or online store where I can purchase a poster of the Mexican caste system-I’d like to get it for my classroom

Rodrigo de Castro Tlaltenango. (married to Francisca Rodas)


I need help reading a record.
It is the baptismal record of Francisco Gonzalez (4 nov 1639) in tlaltenango.
The godparents were:

Military Records of Nueva Espana (Mexico)

I think I found out where to look for military records of individuals that served in the americas. Such as Nueva Espana (Mexico):



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