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Excellent Maps

Someone once shared with me an excellent, free, online map collection called the "David Rumsey Historical Map Collection." Here are links to a collection of old maps from:



A lo que yo tengo de historial de mi familia.....creo que ni linea viene de H. Cortes''

Maria Cortes


Can someone help me translate a document. I'm having a hard time reading it.


Maria Cortes


Delete Alert: FW: Somos Primos "We are Cousins" May 2017

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dna from 23 and me has came in tonight for me

i just received 23 and me results for my dna test and my gedmatch currently is M599673.

List of unindexed Guadalajara Dispensas up to 1799

Katy Brecht, Claudia Casillas and Maria de la Luz Montejano Hilton have done amazing work indexing the Guadalajara dispensas.


Looking for dispensa Luis Ornelas and Matiana Ruiz

Jaime Holcombe has in his notes (edited):

Investigador halla descendientes de Moctezuma y Cortés

Nota completa sobre el libro "México insólito en Europa" de Miguel Gleason:




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