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Beverly Ewald and Tomas Sotomayor

Welcome Beverly to the nuestrosranchos Community. I have a possible lead for you:

Translation Needed

I would like for someone who understands Spanish better than I do to look at a document and tell me what it is about.

Longoria Family

I am seeking information on the Longoria family from Zacatecas. My son-in-law's grandfather is Arturo F. Longoria, born about 1927 in Zacatecas.

Lorenzo de Espino cc Maria de Aguilar y Elizondo

Hello All. I hope everyone is well.

De Santiago

Florensio de Santiago Sanchez
1700 Tabasco, Zacatecas, Mexico.

If you have any sources i can see please inform

Looking for Volunteers.

Hello fellow genealogists. Here is an email from a non-profit in my city. If anyone is interested please contact me.

Nueva información sobre Juan de Pantoja

Buenos días.

Hace algunos años tuvimos una interesante conversación sobre Juan de Pantoja, padre de Bernardina de Mendoza y Pantoja y esposa de Gonzalo Núñez de Soto.

We all have links to the Romo de Vivar and the Ruiz de Esparza?

When I read, some time ago, that virtually all families with roots in our area of interest are descendants of "Capitanes" Diego Romo de Vivar and Lope Ruis de Esparza, I thought probably that was not

Need help locating Parrish records in Government books

Does anyone know if church records were recorded in government books? Is there an archive to look at those?

Example is a picture of one a historian sent me. I am trying to help him out.

Finded 1662-1683 bapismal records for Ayotlan / Ayo el Chico

Maybe this is interesting for your research: FamilySearch catalog has baptismal records since 1682 for Ayotlan / Ayo el Chico.


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