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Coronado y Campa y Cos

In this Matrimonio de Ypina (Ypinas have a history with several Coronados names unknown) he reveals to son of Don Antonio de Campa y Cos that he had an affair with a relative of his that he did not fi

Quien fue Pedro Gutierrez de Hermosillo?

Se dice que Pedro Gutierrez de Hermosillo fue hijo natural de Juan Gonzales de Hermosillo II y una hermana de su esposa legitima, Ana Gonzales Florida II. Sera cierto?

Juan Colunga and Isabel Mendez

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,

Im looking for the parents of my ancestors Juan Colunga an Isabel Mendez
probly from Valle de San Francisco, San Luis Potosí where their children

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Before you read further be aware that there might be content within this email that you don't agree with. In fact you might be terribly opposed to some of the ideas.

Geronimo Gonzalez de hermosillo/Matiana/Mariana Lomelin

Hola Raza , I was cruising through Matrimonios-Jalostotitlan-1717-1748 Image # 261 (left hand side) ,and can't figure out where/how about the parents of Miguel Gutierrez-Coronado -son of Joseph Gutier

Patrons of Santa Maria del Rio, San Luis Potosi, Mex.

I have not been successful in locating any information about the Patrons outside of what I have found in their records.

Jalpa ,Zacatecas

I have been trying to find my grandparents Teodoro Duran and Anastacia Viramontes they may have been born about 1830's thank you to anyone that can help me out.

Help with translation

Hello everyone, I've been away from my research for a few years and have recently started in again. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the translation on the link I've included.

New member

I hope this is the right place to introduce myself. I am here because of my children and grandchildren, descendants of the Bernals from Aguascalientes.


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