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Hacienda de Valparaiso (History/historia)


Hacienda de Valparaíso

Valparaiso - Hacienda San Agustine del Vergel

Hacienda de San Agustín del Vergel (home of the painter Manuel Felguerez who recently died)


Two civil marriage records of the same couple by the same priest?

In researching the marriage of Francisco Campos and Maria Gonzalez, and I've found some interesting finds.

Wills & Testaments in Colonial Mexico

I am trying to learn how to access the last will & testament of Antonio de Aguayo.

Apellido Lugo

My biological father was Lugo.

Researching type of Indians prevalent in Encarnacion de Diaz

My family came from encarnacion de diaz area in Jalisco Mexico and was wandering what tribe of Indians were prevalent in that area around 1700 time frameSent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S9.

Determining age of an ancestor

Hello everybody! I have a question regarding which documents are more important to determine the age of an ancestor.


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