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I am asking for help translating this document from the Family Search Guadalajara Marriage dispensations. Microfilm 168605, Guadalajara Dispensas 1700-1705, Image 312, # 223.

Thanks and greetings

Hola a todos and thank you for welcoming me into this group . My family roots are from the Tecolotlán/Autlán area and I will be very happy to learn from all of you.

Kindest regards,

Mother of Mariana de Mendoza y Velasco, Wife of Capitan Francisco Tello de Lomas

Greetings everyone: I am looking for information about the mother of Mariana de Mendoza y Velasco. She was the wife of Capt.

Translation of " Cuarto " in an Address.. Aguascalientes

Hola amigos, i have seen in records describing the home address of a Person i read as the following. ... Con domocilio en la cuarta de Guadalupe numero 288 ..


Several of us descend from Alonso de Estrada, royal treasurer and colonial governor of Nueva España, during the time of Cortés.

Complete list of caste terms

After 9 years of working on records, I came across "coiota" for the first time today. Thanks to a Portuguese-language web site's footnote I now know that it means media-mestiza/media-india.


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