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Marcos Marin

I am looking for information on Marcos Marin and his wife Luisa. Actually, I am looking for opinions.

Need help finding a Headstone in Cocula Jalisco /necesita ayuda para encontrar una lápida en Cocula Jalisco

Does anyone know how I can contact the cemetery in cocula Jalisco to locate a headstone? I can't find a birth record for a family member, but i have his death record.

Dispensas de Guadalajara no longer available

Hello all,

Does anybody know the reason why the site Dispensas de Guadalajara is no longer available? Is there any other place where we can access to the indexed records?

Interesting article about Martin Casillas architect


FW: Somos Primos "We are Cousins" October 2017

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United States
The Voice o

Can anyone help with the guadalajaradispensas website?

I need someone to help the owner with some technical aspects. The two elements involved are GoDaddy and Blogger. Please email me if you think you can help.


List of people that sailed with Joan Angon on 1606

Joan (Juan) Angon sailed from Espana to Nuevo Espana on 1606-6-28

Hernández Bejarano

Hello forum,

This family is very apart from the Hernández Gamiño family. I found some of them at the beginnings of the XVII century in Zamora.

Lázaro was born on 24 August 1610:

Cosme Felix Bugarin

For those interested in researching the Bugarin family.

Ramirez and Bivanco families Ayo el Chico about 1700's

Hello all,
I'm trying to trace my Ramirez and Bivanco families and hope someone knows something that could help me.
I know that there is a place named 'La Troxe" where I believe they lived.


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