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General Digest, Vol 158, Issue 1

Thank you for the info

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Frank Duran fedjr67@gmail.com

What does “expuesto” mean?

Hi, I’m going through baptism records, searching for ancestors and ran Into this one and have seen others with “expuesto en casa de..”, what does expuesto mean?

Need help reading baptism document.

Hi, Can someone please help me the spelling of the god Mother’s first and last name for Jph. Ricardo, right page first record.

I think it’s Fructuosa Girón?

Second opinion needed - Pueblo/Rancho name

Hi everyone,

I found my GG-Grand father's marriage record. I would greatly appreciate a second opinion trying to figure out the name of place he was from.

Does anyone have this book and what do you think of it? SHHAR Genealogical Journal Vol. V 2003

I'm thinking about purchasing this book and wondering if anyone has it and what you think of it?

Thank you,

Testamentos in XVIII century

Dear prim@s:

I have seen records of wills on Family Search for Jalisco, but I am wondering if there is an index somewhere, or anyone has done any work on these? let's say if a death records shows that the person left a will, what are the chances of finding it? and if so, which resources could I use to do so?

Thank you in advance

Gaby B.

Antonio Ruiz de Ulloa e Isabel Rodas

Espero que alguien del grupo tenga y pueda aportar información adicional de mi octavo abuelo materno Antonio Ruiz de Ulloa.


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