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Location of 3rd Panteon (1700's) of Huejuquilla El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico

I have found the location of the 3rd panteon (Cementary) of Huejuquilla El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico.

On page 63 of Defunciones 1771-1785, 1787-1833 of Huejuquilla El Alto in familysearch.org.

Apellidos Africanos en México, African Surnames

Hola a todos los genealogistas:

Estoy publicando una primera lista de los apellidos africanos que he encontrado en Familysearch:

1. Angola
2. Biafra o Biafara
3. Ferranovo

Analysis: Mexico's missing blacks - Part 3

Here is the link to a very interesting article on the Negro in Mexico:http://www.upi.com/Analysis-Mexicos-missing-blacks-Part-3/60621020910279/

Monte de los Velascos, Nochistlán, Velasco, Zevallos de la Barrera

Hi, I'm looking for information on a place (a rancho?) called Monte de los Velascos in the late 1700's Jurisdicción of Nochistlán.

Research Digest, Vol 133, Issue 7

I'm interested in getting more information about the Gutierrez/
Monroy/Cortes connection, too....My family is Gutierrez & Almaraz and I
understand that the Almaraz family may be associated with the Co

Senegalese DNA

My children are half Mexican and my son's DNA (haven't had my daughter tested), showed 2% DNA from Senegal.I was looking at the Ancestry website and reading how that is the most common African DNA.NOW

Missing the boat

Hello fellow members,

DNA Matches

Need some advice, I had my DNA through AncestryDNA, since then I have accumulated a serious list of Extremely HIGH, Very HIGH and HIGH, and GOOD and Moderate.


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