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Garbriel lopez de nava family in Celaya and/or Apatzeo ?


Does anyone out there know of a branch of the Gabriel Lopez de Nava family (1600s and 1700s) living in Celaya or Apatzeo?

Conquest of Granada 1480-1492

Hello to fellow members, I've been reading through some historical text among them Andres Bernáldez 'Historia de los Reyes Católicos' & Anales de Aragón by Jerónimo Zurita, also Washington Irvings' Co

Muertos, Zacatecas, New Spain

Has anyone ever heard of Muertos, Zacatecas, New Spain? If so what is the current area of Zacatecas closest to this location.


Joseph Puentes

Gustavo Serna noted Mexican Accountant assoc. with PriceWaterhouse, IBM, Casa Domecq., participant in NAFTA

Saludos, I am Helping someone for the past weeks, who is searching for her father Jose Serna b. 1920 who lived in the USA but he was from Mexico.

Antonio Villalpando

On the subject of the three men named Antonio Villalpando in Asientos, I earlier posted the info below (reply to original post from George Fulton):


Can someone direct me on where to find Mexican padrones. I see many posters talking about them, but I can't seem to find them at family search.

Familia Plascencia

Buen día , busco referencias de la familia Plascencia, la rama mas alta de mi árbol es Franco. (Francisco) Plascencia casado con Juana Fabiana de Alcalá del Castillo.

Spanish Abbreviations



Why is Pars website not listing documents like they used to?

I had found Padrones (Census) of Huejuquilla and Mezquitic, Jalisco, Mexico year 1783:



Page 178.

Cristobal Araiza, and Araiza's in Etzatlan Jalisco

Hello All,

I am trying to find out some information on Cristobal Araiza(b. 1639) in Aguascalientes.

He is the son of Juan Araiza Medina and Maria De Isla Lossano.


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