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Joseph Vargas y Ana Prieto Gallardo (Mariana Martinez Gallardo)


I found a tree for the family of Francisco Prieto Gallardo and Isabel Anda de Altamirando that included a marriage of their daugther Ana (maybe Mariana) with Jose Vargas.

Spanish Law 1770 in Mexico

Spanish Law or Custom 1770

Soldiers in Aguascalientes 1912

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know where I can find a list of soldiers that we're in Aguascalientes around 1912?
Thank you,


Hola a Todos,

Help reading this record

Hello everyone!

I need some help reading where the bride and groom are from (Manuel Flores)

Thank you in advance!!

Familias de Nochistlan Zacatecas y Teocaltiche (Saldivar, Macias, Huizar, Duran, Olmos, Luevano)

Does anyone have Mariano Olmos in there tree? If so...I've been trying for months to figure out who Mercedes Saldivar's parents are. I THOUGHT she may have come from the Duran's, but not sure.


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