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Civil Death Registration Question

A few months ago I discovered on Family Search a civil death record from Mexico that I used to establish a relative's death.

Francisco Antonio Gallaga Mandarte y Villaseñor(Juan de San Pedro Gallaga & Joaquina de Villaseñor)

Good day.

I am Sandra Garza Aceves, a new member. I am grateful for the opportunity to join the forum. It immensely helpful in my investigation and I am eager to learn more.

Pedro Gomez Garci Velasco

Hola a todos,
Quería saber si ustedes tienen el dato de esta información que aparece en uno arbol de GENI respecto a este personaje del que ya se ha abordado hace años

Padre de Pila versus Padrino


I know the following record is not from the area that we discuss on the forum but I still have a general question for the group.

Church documents in indigenous languages?

Does anyone recall where in Mexico, in the early settlement days. that there were some documents in the churches serving indigenous people that were in the language of the Indians of that locality?

Testamentos de Tecolotlan Jal

Hola primos, estoy buscando el testamento de Luis Fletes que murió el 11 de mayo de 1796 en Juchitlán Jalisco. La acta de defunción indica que había hecho su testamento.


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