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Does anyone know the full name of the abbreviation?

Does anyone know the full name of the abbreviated last name Stos.(Rosalia De Stos. Y Bustos)?

Parents of Mateo Perez de Frias - Jalisco/Zacatecas

Hello - looking for assistance from the Yanez Family line of Nochistlan, Zacatecas.

Joseph Yañez-Pérez was my 6th great-grandfather (circa 1686–1751) married to:
Antonia Anciso (circa 1690-?)

What does this symbol mean


I am going through the baptism registrations looking for a great great mother and have noticed a circle with an X in the middle next to some of the names, does anyone know what it means?

Aguayo/Aguallo/Aguaio familia

Creo que es posible que soy un descendente de la original familia Aguayo de
Nochistlan, y antes de Valladolid, Espana. Tengo muchas copias de
Nochistlan documentos de Aguayo.

confused who is correct name for grandparent back then ?

ancestry.com lists my 7th great grandparents names as antonio posada and maria quiros. however in family search area they lists for hints as a antonio pacheco and maria quiros.

Temoluasco/Temohuasco? Where is this?

I just found out that my Corchado branch settled in Las Moras, a ranch next to Aguajes.


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