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New Member Introduction

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By netchemist - Posted on 13 October 2021

Hello All. I was quite thrilled to find this website, as I have just recently started to research my son-in-law's family, which is Romo. I have already been able to trace him back to Diego Romo de Vivar, but of course there are many other family lines I would like to fill in. Just a few of the other surnames are Delarosa, Delgado, Jayme, Moran, Villalobos, Palacios, Gonzalez, Aguilera, de la Mora, and many more. The main locations are Aguascalientes, Rincon de Romos, Encarnación de Diaz, and San Juan de los Lagos. I am very experienced in German and New England genealogy, but this is all new to me, in particular the combination of paternal and maternal surnames; never quite sure which to search. The link to my folder is

Glad to join you here. Walter G. Blenderman

Hi Netchemist,
Yes, the Romo de Vivar are the ancestors of a lot of people from Aguascalientes, I also descend from both Diego Romo de Vivar y Rangel and Capitan Romo de Vivar y Rangel, both children from Capitan Diego Miguel Romo de Vivar y Perez de Utiel (who died on July 11th 1659). They had a lot of children and the names are repeated in several generations.
Here is a list of ancestors I have found, I don’t have a lot of documents but I have found these persons using data from My Heritage and Family Search.
Capitan Diego Miguel Romo de Vivar y Perez de Utiel was the son of
• Diego Romo de Vivar Ponce de Leon born in 1550 in Rielves and died on Nov 7th, 1610, married to Catalina Perez de Utiel, born in Rielves on March 12 1564. Son of:
• Diego Maria Romo de Vivar Lopez born in Feria, Badajoz, Extremadura in 1520, married to Catalina Ponce de Leon Fernandez y Castañeda born in Feria, Badajoz, Extremadura in 1525. Son of:
• Diego Romo de Vivar y Ponce de Leon, born in Manzanares el Real, Madrid on Nov, 3rd 1489, died in Toledo in 1536, married to Maria Lopez born in 1500. Son of:
• Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar y Mendoza Marqués del Canete, born in Guadalajara, Castilla in 1466, died in Valencia on Feb 22nd 1523, married to Eleonor de la Cerda y de Aragon, born in Guadalajara, Castilla in 1472, died in Jadraque Castle, Guadalajara, Castilla on April 8th 1497.
This data may help you to make more research around the Romo de Vivar. If you want I can share some more information about the Romo members around Aguascalientes. (They had up to 11 children each).

Welcome Walter to the Nuestrosranchos community. Like you, I am also experienced in researching New England Genealogy. I have a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law that descend from the original New England settlers. This past weekend my nephew, Robert Gregory Nash, married a descendant of New England settlers, so we now have three descendants of the original settlers in the family tree.

To Walter and Jorge,

I would like to add my two cents in response to Jorge’s post. I have not found any evidence that links Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar y Mendoza Marqués del Canete Eleonor de la Cerda y de Aragon to my Diego Romo de Vivar ancestor.

Rick A. Ricci

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