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Technical Website Advice Needed

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By makas_nc - Posted on 05 October 2021

I use DreamHost as the ISP for the website. For quite awhile now our version of Drupal has been out of date and DreamHost says they will upgrade to the latest version. (See their emails at the bottom)

For those MANY of you that are Tech savvy here are my questions:

1) Is it possible that updating to the lasted Drupal version will negatively affect the way the website is currently working?
2) right now the website is working ok but I've been told by DreamHost Support that continuing to run with an outdated Drupal Version could lead to problems in the future. Is updating really necessary or not?
3) Are there other things I should consider before updating the Drupal Version?

Well all of those questions are basically the same. I just don't want to spend YOUR money on something that is NOT WORTH IT and possibly could negatively affect the way the website is currently working.

What do the Tech Savvy among you all think?



Hello Joseph,

The Site Update service covers sites updates for the Drupal version installed.

The update will be for the Drupal service in this case looking for the most recent version available and making sure it is compatible with the modules you have on it.

If the website is not updated, it can go down and start to get limitations since will be missing updates for compatibility with the server and supported PHP versions.

Also, it can start to have performance limitations like loading speed.

Let me know if you would like to move forward with the Site Update service.


DreamHost Pro Services

Hello Joseph,

With regards to the new update, I found this:

"Drupal 9 is built in Drupal 8, using deprecations and optional updated dependencies. ... Drupal 9.0 involves the removal of some deprecated code, but introduces no new features; it's a continuation of the fully-tested, stable codebase that is Drupal 8."

There is more insightful information on that website. If you're currently on Drupal 7, or even 8, I'd say go with the update. If the ISP can work with it, then it'll be a good choice to upgrade.

Quickly you see I haven't a clue. Went to my ISP and it says is using PHP 5.6

I'm not savvy with PHP, as my only website experience was with intermediate HTML and MySpace coding back in the day, but I'm here to assist in which way I can.

In regards to the version requirements, their website states the following:

"Server and database requirements

Drupal 9 requires PHP 7.3 or higher, and the version requirement for Apache has been increased to Apache 2.4. 7 or higher.

The following database versions are supported by Drupal 9 core: MySQL or Percona 5.7." Jun 3, 2020

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