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Geneology How accurate are they?

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By Cruzmeza - Posted on 03 October 2021

I have recently done a genealogy test, where I sent some swabs with saliva via mail, and I received results that were a bit surprising. Well, very surprising to me, as a matter of fact. While I know that most of my direct ancestors are from Jalisco and Zacatecas, I understand as well that some came from further like Spain and Italy, as I have heard. But when I saw that my genome was 12 percent Peruvian, well that was unexpected.
How accurate are these tests? I sent it to a reputable place I think. I Have been researching for a bit, and have been lucky to find ancestors up to the fifth generation, but so far all I get is "Yndio," Español", "Mestizo. None say Peruano. I also have North European, and some French and German, I expect that. I have no paper trail however.
Has anyone else found there research does not match their genome ?

Hello. My AncestryDNA results indicate 1% ethnicity estimate to Indigenous Americas—Bolivia & Perú. I really didn't expect that, but being that our early ancestors on this side of the globe traveled a lot, it kinda made sense.

Regarding not finding any indicators of strictly "Peruvian" descent, I suspect the Spanish authorities during the Viceroyalty of Nueva Granada, as from Nueva Galicia, wouldn't categorize native Americans based on their location, but rather generalized them as you've indicated.

Please keep in mind that this is my theory. I'm not a professional genealogist, but I'm sure someone on this forum can enlight us both.

DNA is as accurate as the availability of samples in existence, is still at some degree in its infancy, thus I wouldn't keep thinking around the results too much if they seem off. In an interview I heard on npr a while ago mentioned how inaccurate was when applied to genealogy, a lot of Hispanic, Asians and other non white groups kept getting European, and the reason was because those were the only samples they had, at some point many ethical groups will relate, but we are talking in the thousands of years.

If that specific place where you got tested doesn't had closer samples to compare with your DNA it will give you the closest possible even if in terms of genealogy, isn't really that close. Is obvious that all indigenous groups of the American continent will share DNA that comes from the days of the "Beringia" settlements, then it might be that is just the indigenous DNA of the Nueva Galicia area that happen to be similar to the Peruvian.

A acquaintance got some tests years ago, in one place got Asian, and in other got Hispanic, the only thing that changed was the last name used, this person is from the Philippines, thus even with samples, the companies simply assumed that those belonged to either or, when in fact was likely both. I don't know the details though, but again, don't stress too much for it, records finding still the most rewarding part genealogy. :)

RJQ, hat would make sense. I guess we still have ways to go in genetic history research. My thought about these results was that perhaps some Peruvians came to Mexico in the Nueva España time to work in mines or something like that, and obviously there were mines in Zacatecas.
So who knows? Records are the most accurate way to know for sure so far to know where our roots extend. The search shall continue.

Hi Cruzmeza,
I dont know which company you used for your DNA test. I made my DNA test with MyHeritage, my wife who is French and our grand-son did it also and the results are very logical.
I dont understand how you can have 12 percent Peruvian, unless the database used by your provider found that in Peru there are some people with the same genome as you which is a wrong way to determine your ancestry.
Normally less that 5 percent can be erroneous but 12 percent is strange.
Historically, the Peruvian conquest was organized from the Pacific coast of Mexico (I have some ancestors who died in Peru) but I dont have any information of bringing people from Peru to Mexico.

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