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By rojasdelgado - Posted on 14 August 2021

If anyone uses, are you having issues pasting citation sources from

I just noticed all the source citations I researched last night did not copy/paste properly. When copied into, the URLs/links get scrambled. At first it appears correct, but if re-opened, its all scrambled and will not work. An error code from ancestry will appear. I am using Chrome Browser and even cleared cookies/cached data and still.

When pasting link directly to a blank Chrome page it works fine, must be issue with ancestry.



gets turned to this:

Any ideas?

Ruben R

For those who use ancestry, I just reached out to them and they are having issues with hyperlinks not posting correctly. They said they are "on it"

I began using the "Other Information" box to post links for now till the issue is solved. It is above the "Web Address" box if this helps.

I sourced at least 50-60 links last night from and the hyperlinks are all broken. This is disappointing.

Ruben R

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